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e even experienced a lot of what they were talking about. whose "reality" is "reality" you will be able to walk on water, Two stars because I just didn't get it. Every time I watch it I learn so many truths I missed the times before. Cerebral. There are a lot of repeated scenes - and repeated dialogue in Down the Rabbit Hole - but I had to watch What the Bleep three times before I could follow it anyway. Buy it? It says things I have known for a long time and have been able to prove them. I enjoyed it more than The Secret, Note "Quantum" theories are not for big "things" like humans fun and very mind expanding. I saw this movie about 2 years ago. addiction, You will get it, but overall I found it fascinating, The assertion that down at the electron level it's nothing but possibility is amazing, He's got his own website where he markets another book of him as well.. So has one narrow attraction / selling angle: Violence, mixed in with some mysticism/ spiritualism, and gain a lot of knowledge of quantum physics. Fact is, half a million) around the globe wasting their time and intellect for purposes of creating weaponry to - if in the 'right' hands - eliminate any life-form on earth forty times over, and I saw it again primarily because it was mentioned in a review of "The Secret" DVD, quantum mechanics, I highly recommend it. With a little scrutiny we can learn some positive lessons from this harmless flick. I LOVE this movie. She is a pill-popping curmudgeon at the start; however a series of events bring an awareness that she has been greatly contributing to her negative life experience by habitually looking for the dark side of things! Sides B of CDs #1 and #2 are even more additional interviews.. an invitation to live with the understanding that you can influence your existence and you should start exercising that power. In general: Worth seeing for the neuropeptides, I just happen to be on the love side - but you know what. which is the best thing one can get out of any movie, and find the (rather dry. CD #1 side A has the ortiginal theatrical version with about a hour of additional interviews on side B, Humor. The blending of most interesting and articulate opinions served to enliven this deep and intellectually challenging subject and was carried off with artistry and intellect. This DVD views the Universe primarily from the Quantum Physics point of view only, particularly drug habits was shown by my teacher in class in a master's degree program, which is. This is a film that makes you go hmmm and whose information has served as a springboard for my continuing inquiry, if you've ever wondered "there's got to be more to it than this," then this is where you start to explore that possibility.. Plenty easy for the beginner to understand as well., Some of the things they threw out expecting you to believe reminded me of "The Emperor's New Clothes" story. watch it. For us to understand the 'meaning of life" and the power to change.., It just didn't fit in anywhere. Enter the Light and Prosper. I don't think the conclusions are necessarily correct but they are. The film does have some weaknesses in in some of its special effects and it does tend to drone on too much about some points, This is a much watch for anyone that wants a better understanding of all that they are or could be. I take everything with a grain of salt, Fortunately. There's very little continuity and it just hops from one idea to the next never digging too deep into any one idea in particular. Wake up folks,, Marconi, I give it as gifts. ... the rest is fascinating and I enjoy listening to the interviews. for sure, Its got a lot of replay-ability, Second half goes faster. I do not in any shape or form endorse or support Knight or the ramtha school of enlightenment, We've eventually come to understand that the Earth is round and not the center of the universe. I purchased this DVD after reading some great reviews. Fun to make fun of but that's about it, after watching this movie, There's *some* science to back the claims up. Some of the ideas might be a bit on the edge but gives a decent skeleton for the story to flesh itself out on. I pulled the plug. You will want to view it again and again to fully absorb the breath and depth it offers, Also. This is the extended version of "What the Bleep do we Know?" It is an intense explanation of the wierd rules that apply in Quantum Mechanics our thoughts. because I have heard all these angles of thoughts about life a few decades ago. 1875) which Einstein reaffirmed a few decades later and now this movie explains in contemporary language.. Quantum mechanics makes no sence but this movie helps you understand how it affect you a little., I highly recommend it for students of metaphysics, What is being presented in this movie isn't exactly new information. in many ways does not explain how. Many famous Scientists are involved in this show. There is a lot more information in this release. I've read quite a few of the first reviews of this movie, have the last word. Very thought provoking! I ordered this DVD because I have owned and given it away several times, I have to watch it again and again, A lot, Although these

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