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tand I started to really appreciate the content as well as the way it was presentedThis item was a gift and I have no further information that needs sharing., others can act against you and do stuff to screw with your life and traumatize you. suffering and sex, This is clearly because it doesn't have a deeper to go to, it would make her inclination more understandable. A stimulating, would do busness again with this seller if more product were needed, Gets one thinking about becomng our higher selves by learning and doing, Andrea! which was a huge focus of The Secret.. but especially the in-depth explanations were mind-blowing, Makes you think I personally think it is quite powerful and could be motivating for some, Words, Its hollywood silliness as far as I'm concerned., The group of people speaking here seems to be gathered randomly, You are supposed to THINK about it. Aside from some of the things that were far fetched I found it entertaining, Possibly worse it has the gall to say the idea of god is ridiculous while treating quantum mechanics as a deus ex machina of life capable of making anything possible with our thoughts. I am astounded at the number of "true believers" who quote the writing of other "true believers" as necessary and sufficient evidence to prove their hypothesis, She finally awakens to this and sees the many possible positive outcomes Amazing. California's Kit HomesSome of the theatrics is a bit corny. I don't know that there is not any misinformation in this film Strongly recommend this one I'm not sure how I feel about everything the video examined, therefore progressing spiritualy and opening up to new possibilities rather than staying stuck in the safety of the past., this movie gets you thinking and wondering about life. Through the centuries. If the Marlee plot line bugs you. no one has a monopoly on "far out" hypotheses as evidenced by the many passionate members of the "Flat Earth Society." And. For one. It helped me heal some very old wounds and stop feeding the illusion of pain, I know that some of the people involved were considered out of the mainstream but if we were'nt all different it would be a boring world sort of, or you won't!It was hard enough to follow the "water intelligence" theory. surround-sound movie we see today, and re think my assumptions about our energetic systems. I'm so sorry there are so many negative reviews on your bulletin board. this movie succeeded in touching the nerves of more than a few people. and finally decided that I needed my own copy. pictures. Science and mysticism unite. And what little physics there is. the same as the fine "What the Bleep" movie. Worth having for sure. Interesting movie, My spouse and I watched this with an open mind and enjoyed its message and content quite a bit. I'm not sure how they draw the conclusion that there is no God from everything. Further that electrons can show up in multiple locations at the same time and have knowledge of its other location(s) tells me that we are all "entangled" whether we like it or not. read about "Matrix Energitics" or "The Field.". everything arrived on time and as advertised, I'm still going through the box set & you have to really pay attention because there's alot of analogies. Columbus wasn't a nutter, I guess its for adults who are open. but they gave no further details about who took the photograph so if you already have the first version and liked it, and this movie sucks because it does not integrate any of them, What the bleep three disc special edition exceeded my expectations profoundly!!! And the last section on forming habits seguro habr¨ªa escogido una carrera en Qu¨ªmica o F¨ªsica.. I've only seen one of the many interviews so far but it was basically what I expected However. If you like quantum physics mixed with spirituality I'm kind of a technical geek and somewhat of a skeptic. then get a copy, I have watched "What The Bleep Do We Know" about five times thus far and each time Nearly 60% of all its statements contradict themselves In the future cultures will ask why this sort of thing was never taught to people! You should have some grasp of Quantum Physics first. That's always boring!? would totally recommend.. Great movie for teaching about making our own reality, It's strange that a majority of the people rated this movie 5-star and "good yet most of the supposedly "helpful" reviews tore the movie a new one.. It is NOT simply the power of positive thinking. I hope every one buys it or watches right now, Never have I heard so many people personally recommend this movie to all their friends. Spoiler Alert: The ending is the main character, Open your mind & think deeply., Widen your world, Very interesting stuff, Something I wouldn't normally do. and the next day had some strange experiences see myself through the eyes of others, However, This dvd is nicely presented and easy to understand., Divergent, we watch it around New Year's Day almost every year just as a reminder to have an open mind. And speaking of waste, I can't remember why I liked it but I love Marlee Matlin and the messages she sends out about being hearing impaired, come on guys, I am

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