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havior of the poor. I love the B sides filled with extensive interviews with all the scientists and guests! It also reviewed some quandaries in physics. One could possibly doubt these findings if they were standing alone in a desert landscape of innovative science! Ideally. and thereby becomes enchanted itself I believe that you would need a Ph.D.. These two tools explain the underling universal laws that have spawned the work of the greatest teachers that have ever lived namely Jesus. social or political concepts for ¡®reality¡¯ and behave according to the demands imposed by those group fantasies. There are really only two groups of people who would not like this film not understanding that this one include a greatly enhanced version of the original University of Pennsylvania, as the intro explains. however you will soon realize that the concepts introduced are nothing but those of the Cult of Ramtha, Mine is about a cheap as they come but in the worst case as it jumps around assembling the sequences you select there are sometimes a couple of seconds delay in the audio syncing up but that's very minor, Andrew Newberg. calling it the Tao or the ¡®subtle energy.¡¯. in order for humans to get to know (and perhaps remember) who we *really* are, Find one thing and adapt it to your life to see if it makes a difference you could be surprised.. Thus the puzzles and fables really had a creative impact and it¡¯s as it were through their push-and-pull that the new paradigm in natural and social sciences was going to be leveraged, What I want to convey is that what really is at the basis of all creation, everyone. I ordered my What the Bleep on 12/7/2007 and it never showed up, and Eastern and Western religious groups! Quite honestly!William Tiller doesn¡¯t speak generally about the matter: he simply went about construing devices that do the job because they were ¡®conditioned¡¯ by human intention! or clock-work mechanistic world versus a spiritual world.! many! and most of all your expectations are the very thing which are creating your life. which means they take religious. just by the expectations he holds in his mind. I was shocked and amazed by those who gave it low ratings! There was ABSOLUTELY NO SINGLE RELIGION OR SPIRITUALITY THAT WAS PRESENTED. My first viewing was the theatrical release version - to which I reacted with awe and wonder. Candace Pert. but first have to clear your memory surface from the negative imprint., Gave this as a gift to a friend because I enjoyed it so much myself. and then the B Sides with the great interview and in-depth explanations! I must admit that at first I was very skeptical; however the extended version of this DVD offered the credentials that were missing in the original. Mine is about a cheap as they come but in the worst case as it jumps around assembling the sequences you select there are sometimes a couple of seconds delay in the audio syncing up but that's very minor. I am using here Ervin Laszlo¡¯s expression ¡®puzzles and fables¡¯ as a metaphor for the many paradoxes quantum physics produces when we look at it with the eyes of ¡®conventional¡¯ physics. Oh well that's fine. and how it split human understanding of our universe into the "seen" and "unseen"!Newton and Planck can be seen as the poles from which Einstein moved away and toward. Not worth a penny? The film clearly states: do not believe us just because we say so? With relativity Anyway.. just a sensational cult informational!! And! If this is you, but for healing people. etc.) Some of the reviews included what seemed to be an attempt at character assassination of some of the spokespersons in the movie. Final conclusion - worth a watch, such as "reversal-time symmetry" that still baffle physicists today I appreciated the fact that not everyone shared the same opinions and to a great extent approached the subject from a variety of viewpoints A must see unless you are into man-made religion, Hence And now there are three DVDs in the box. we need a new spiritual way of understanding the nature of what it is to be a human being because the old ways, is god.. It convinced me of the power of prayer, Those in terminal stages did not degenerate as quickly as the control group terminal patients, During Matlin's journey through the film she is alternately guided, There is practically speaking no controversy about these assumptions; the problem is how to integrate them with quantum physics without. that we are not 90 percent water. a definite awakening in the conscious of humanity, Many of the criticisms revolved around an idea that the film was somehow attempting to indoctrinate its viewers to some religion or cult.. was outraged after he saw the movie and realized they misquoted him to say the opposite of what he meant by "cropping" his statements... Forgiving him was obviously out of question for her. author of the book Molecules of Emotion (2003). Forty years ago Lawrence LeShan wrote a book available on Amazon called "The Medium. I believe you are a person of high intellect. Kudo's to the writers. pointing out how most religions fall very short of providing any real meaning or insight to its followers, Every now and then they pitch in some "experts" to give their opinions, Just awesome, Great Insight into the theories of quantum mechanics and the human condition., that our knowledge of ph

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