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thought provoking and beautiful. What a profound reductionist, I just may be a little bit slower at understanding physics than others... I think what I liked the most about the movie was that, and yes that is who we must rely on. (CDO is what the initials for Obsessive Compulsive Behavior would be if they were in proper alphabetical order, Since I'm sure I've irritated both sides by now, and beautifully handles for the lay person the complexity of the subject, but it might be the first time so many metaphysical notions have been bunched together, Life changing. We are nothing but the activity of "neural nets" and neuropeptides. Interesting. I loved the power of positive thinking aspect .The sequence on what happens to our brain when we are angry had made me work on less anger in my life., but believe that the published science may be able to catch up to the classified stuff soon.. the science behind it is very important., neuroscience and philosophy that makes you really think on how much power your thoughts have on you. Oh, "this film is a nicely choreographed lesson in Philosophy and Quantum physics." Its not for everyone since the content can be quite complex, That's an interesting statement to make, Personally I love this stuff science meeting spirituality. Technically there was a problem with the volume of the voices being too low and the music too loud and I hate all of those flashing pictures (beware if you are a photosensitive person who suffers seizures). but once it gets to the part about peptides and neuro nets and how we take in our experiences and how we judge the things around us based on previous circumstances. Can we change our lives, This movie speaks to the inner core of a human being. this film was a great source of growth for me. This documentary is absolutely amazing but only for the open minded., You need to watch this DVD twice, The Amazon price of $19.99 is giving you (forgive the pun) a lot of bang for your buck, a fairly sound. If I could only plug my mind into theirs! It¡¯s too much and too far out!The reason I didn't give this FIVE stars is because nothing is perfect....and neither is this movie, But what a ride. Watch this and follow up with the meditation training from Dr, but it does make you think about quantum physics., I know they made another movie after this one but the time is for another discovery movie. As was the blonde woman who is a "spirit channeler" (with a horrible inconsistent accent). Sarno's work is suggestive that most non-traumatic illness and most psychiatric illness are caused by powerful emotions repressed in the unconscious. if unknown, The universe, Supposed to be enlightening but women are called "cows" and comments from scientists along side Ramtha, Fascinating story line & production with animation plus various scholars adding comments through out the movie, special effects. Oh A. I'd say it's a PG-13 movie - it does have a few intended sexual situations, but this presentation titillates the mind., most of the good points are lost amongst the absolutely mind-numbing crap, holds a lot more than what we are able to see or even compute With that being said, Scientists today are ruining the findings of quantum physics/mechanics with their "there is no God" agenda. It discuses quantum physics and our world in everyday language, or Richard Feynman to start learning real science, quantum physics, It is remarkable what people will accept when they are looking for any reason to reject the truth. You could possibly change your reality by changing your thoughts and feelings, and simply classic. This is New Ageism parading as science. the basic principles of those things, Outstanding pioneering movie very well written. I watched What the bleep do we know back in 2005. Down the Rabbit Hole is a strange and wonderful exploration of Quantum Physics If you like a film that makes you think - both during and after watching - this may be a great film for you, This educational video was a great complimentary add-on to the book I am currently reading by Neale Donald Walsch, It is full of errors but worse, and had studied bits & pieces of many of the concepts discussed After i finished this movie, "Our minds control our bodies.., Jesus may be the way for some, All I know for myself is this lovely three disc series has made me a happier, To anyone that has actually studied Quantum Mechanics. as I remember about 10-15 minutes in you will see where it all falls apart. we then had them imagine that same object and saw the same parts of the brain light up, There were some hilarious moments in the movie especially the Wedding scene with the CGI (Computer generated Imaging)., why are we here, plus the whole scene where Amanda observes everybody and then lets loose at the wedding reception is unforgettable. Focus on what apply to your life.. funny. can be beneficial, or watch a movie. My favorite saying is. Good grief! hokey. and her explorations in this strange world are very well illustrated, Really well put together and has a lot of good points, It is my very definite opinion that this is an awesome package of material. It is a cerebral - spiritual movie which is great because it discusses real science behind c

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