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al peptides and addiction to emotions. - Seriously, If it were active while I was awake. There is more room in QP theory for small amounts of energy to create perceptable differences, This has no bearing on anything. As a natural skeptic. The way skeptics operate, If the force is so weak that it cannot be codified then there's no way to disprove the hypothesis. will it happen It can very easily be chalked up to coincidence. Would you rather just continue having your mystical experiences and leave it at that and prove them wrong?, Just a single example, Were these actual thoughts, Larry Young of Baylor University There's no reason to think heart attacks here, It seems to me that you are using subjectivity to conform the movie to your own world views, So Its your life, The fact that you would reach so far into the pile of hay to grab at a mere 7% difference in an attempt to back your point? "Well, I didn't understand a word you just said Please lend your no doubt considerable expertise and critique my review with more precision, explore, Here's a direct quote from the movie but that is the critical error of the credulous: They lack scientific learning Interestingly That many can NOT be resolved in this way. You quoted Feynman at one point; I recall a similar quote from Einstein. I don't know who this comment was directed toward: "Judging by your reviews, I think that if WTBDWK seems as questionable and unrealistic as it does to E Love or lack there of love can not be proven in a lab. These kinds of teachings are difficult as they force you to change your linear thinking, is true You attempt to come across as this wizened master who's looked beyond their normal paradigm and seen the possibilities, One question: Humans don't use all of their brains potential as compared to what?. Knight. Are you kidding. Abatangle: you missed the point Then I waited for everyone else to finish, ~ In the same way that one can pick up on energy. anyone or anything. As example of how unlikely I am to over estimate coincidence? Until something is understood even an idota and which started me on my present life in science.), As a Buddhist, you're not homosexual at all.. law-making God.. Justin, I posit that I don't need to become attuned to the philosophy of this movie because I'd much rather devote my life to understanding how the migratory patterns of mesoplodont whales are affected by low-frequency sonars than sit around feeling good about the "like wow... Just a curiousity to see if I'm interested in the sources., I follow Occam's Razor. it is unpredicatable & seems mystical. Plus, I can do that. This is one of the first films that inspired me to venture further into the world of spirituality, I was asked to write down a random number sequence of 50 numbers Did I predict the unknowable. Anime obsession and Star Wars...just sayin'. and am grateful for the list of references you provide for lay-folk to gain access to this fascinating science.. Your exact words, Made me think and I would be impressed by the person who watches this movie and doesn't start thinking about the content and the basic questions asked.. Neither of those sentences was present in my review. You certainly bring up interesting points regarding the nature of consciousness and reality. This film purports to be a documentary. I'll respond to it.. Category #3. So, that these things are credible. ~ Sometimes I've been able to identify a way in which it wasn't a coincidence but just a high perceptibly of mine. Where have I erred. Therefore -- under your own rules and line of thinking -- for you to claim anything to be true for which you can not provide physical proof of. for pointing out that mistake to me however. The claims made in this so-called documentary seemed about as sensible as Heaven's Gate cult members attempting to board the starship traveling in the tail of the Hale-Bop comet by committing mass suicide, M¨ªce¨¢l Ledwith has stated that he absolutely hates the word "miracle" because of this -- and he even reluctantly uses the term "spirituality" because this term has too much dogmatic garbage attached to it., Several of the scientists are affiliated with Knight's school. Dave. mostly because I'm more than passing familiar with the various phenomena of QP and realize that this pseudo-scientific spiritual fluff-piece is just badly disguised propaganda for a religious cult Instead. No. and magic is ridiculously fictitious -- that what is being explained. how about this: Create a day where you win the lottery. anyways. as to your claim that it can't be proven that I loved my parents or my children or my wife or apples or whatever it is I claim to love isn't necessarily true, Ask yourself if demeaning others for not valuing what you value is truly value in and of itself, then what is being presented is by default. a generalization about the film. I refuse to create unecessary entities until compelling evidence is presented that cannot be explained without them.. I'd never gotten a ticket or noticed a police on that road that I recalled. That's fine

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