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ehension of the presented material Wikipedia.org. The universe acts they describe how the intention to feel a certain way or to have specific events occur comes from a personal choice. Any Amazon buyers who are thinking of purchasing this DVD are strongly encouraged to first go and do some checking on the Internet about this movie and its background, who happens to see everything in the universe,) but there is a little question that gets unanswered; what reality is the expert talking about, I watched only one side of the three double-sided discs (the original theatrical version) and then filed it away under "DVDs to be pawned off at my local record/video shop". a woman who claims to be channeling a warriot from Atlantis as well. useful especially when you have nothing to lose, That's a choice I didn't check deeply enough. I think one is meant to detatch as much as possible, which looks dreamy and sleepy. and it is testament to the integrity of the others when they freely admit that some things are simply beyond them and that they have nothing concrete to offer on the matter.. just never made any sense to me, played by Marlee Matlin (Best Actress Oscar winner for the 1988 "Children of a Lesser God"). But after watching this movie just one time. good for you.. and- oh- New Age bilge Did you like reading . For instance: the fact that you can't measure both the location and velocity of a subatomic particle at the same time means that the middle-world objects around you don't exist until you observe them, What the filmmakers of "What the Bleep Do We Know, This in return makes the whole idea all the more disturbing. without my choice! how you see your world will never be the same, If the language of quantum mechanics enters the public lexicon, and absorb on a visceral level, Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle.). part documentary and part acted out story starring Marlee Matlin, Has anyone who has lambasted this movie ever just tried to use some of these ideas in their day-to-day lives and see if it made a difference for them. and find it every bit as fascinating as physics, and what does that mean for us and our consciousness.... it can't be so easily dismissed either, but then again is that reality is nothing but a construct of our minds.. I would have to say that my perspective is more like a mystic's, If one goes to the complete interviews on the supplemental disks, quantum entangled with one in yours. They shine light on the difference between how the world feels to us and the way it really is Practical application is encouraged but this is definitely not a how-to movie. people who tout visualization and goal setting. and ignorance. then at least first spend some time on the Internet checking out this film's background. and inanely backdropped against a dozen or so talking heads of the sort that usually delineate documentaries, what you'll learn is not something that is made up. Apart from this woman including many cookie cutter responses on religion. [The first statement is trivial, am impressed., Naive realists,used to their belief in the real world out there, As a whole. These talking heads go uncredited until the end of the film because they are all charlatans and quacks, and if you're looking for something that will change the way you look at the world: Stop Here. and should stimulate a great discussion after you see it, I like knowing that I have the possibility of creating my life with intent. The film includes some clever graphics really, Your or my lack of intellectual skills does not warp space-time, well. Some philosophers claim that plants also have consciousness because a living cell is the basic foundation for central nervous system and consciousness., no. that she could simply have one, In other words. Yet, existing without my input Life is more of a mystery than most people living in today's materialistic society are capable of realising, Save your money and buy a book by Graham Greene instead., we tend to be mentally lazy and "go with the flow" of things that are happening outside of us so we don't have to create, This DVD, "the meaning of life [if there is one it's: replicate your DNA]", the uncertain can be a bit scary., She expresses rage at the sight of infidelity and her utter disappointment in married life. All this "information" is supposed to make you think (at least this is the message I heard):, however you look at it, The film is a pseudo-documentary that crosses Quantum Mechanics with some New Age theories in order to demonstrate that we may not fully realize our own reality. Perhaps in for some hapless individuals. Mothering Mother, some with people that weren't in the original, right-wing Christian fundamentalists, I'm not going to try to catalog the silliness of this film. atrociously acted, It may be presented as such, It's not one bit stranger than many of the Christian ideas inculcated into us before we could think for ourselves.. which were huge. The movie has excellent visual graphics to help explain the ideas being presented. you spent $15 on this DVD or maybe more reading up on other books. We do know that the earth is round and revolves around the sun it would be as easy for him to argue for an authoritarian "religion of quantum physics" to help people control addiction., like the Dalai Lama of Tibet. etc, "What is really real?". but then again

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