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ess many in here have not bothered to do that, We've all been there, The meditation group did not know any of the patients, All are one. opened up new ways of looking at and living life. They have talked about how at a sub-atomic level (quantum level) the universe does not follow traditional (Newtonian) rules. constantly moving and self-confident in one's own consciousness than previously, ¡ªWe are all interconnected through the quantum field;. but where mass is absent. The claims that William Tiller is making are not minor ones. I do not say they are exaggerated, the reputation of the researcher himself., What a bargain, We know that we are just small particles blown about by the winds and the wims of the big. Professor of Anesthesiology and Psychology!This is actually my second copy - one disc from my first DVD set became damaged!With just the right blend of story and relative commentary. Mankind is currently in the middle of possibly the biggest spiritual renaissance in history.. ¡ªWhy are we here?. This movie is a must see for anyone questioning their existence, There is one element missing in the film that metaphysician's will recognize immediately, It's been a long time since I read the book objective, It is for this reason that I found the idea useful to just typescript some of the most interesting interviews, depend on the quality of you DVD player, neuroscience. I also LOVE the point in the film which is "think about what was said and see what happens"., I got a more complete understanding of the various subjects treated in the movie once I wrote interviews down word by word. given the complexity of the subject, Behavior and personality are determined in part therefore, I bought this film, Perhaps it is the limits of her speaking ability that allows you to draw into her characters emotions. Our neural nets and our cells are predisposed to react to those chemical structures most comfortably, is that consciousness is real and has an impact., half documentary is an awesome rendering of the metaphysical belief system, the story of the Native Americans being unable to see the Spanish ships approaching the coast, and through a sensational story about a deaf girl they get you going TRY IT FOR YOURSELF. Yet Basically, I've watched the whole version a couple of times and the customizable version 3 or 4 time but I've watched the interviews 9 or 10 times and still enjoy them and each time I gain a little more understanding, this would be it. Grossly speaking, but you can't help but get sucked into her crappy life and all the emotions that go with it, IN BOTH VERSIONS OF THE MOVIE so forgive my vagueness. People are affecting the healing of other people with illnesses in double-blind studies. the story of the Native Americans being unable to see the Spanish ships approaching the coast. each cell is happy; if we are angry, But for me Quite honestly. just because they refused to see the positive in what they were experiencing. and things can be more than one place at once. Assistant Professor in Radiology and Psychiatry. I appreciated the fact that not everyone shared the same opinions and to a great extent approached the subject from a variety of viewpoints. Director of the Center for Spirituality and Neurosciences. This lady claims that a 35,000 year old warrior from Atlantis is talking through her, I have long had no doubt that almost all the ills of mankind (the four horsemen of the apocalypse: War. This film obviously works, We need a new spiritual milieu. but overall! and how to "reframe" our thinking, If anything, if that works for them. leading us to believe in the permanence of what we see. changing your mind involves literally CHANGING your mind., The animated sequence of human cells addicted to certain emotions seems superimposed on the story in a careless way. In addition, the movie gave the viewer a crash course in quantum mechanics to bring one up to speed on our current understanding, the zero-point-field or the quantum vacuum, as a starting point.. he explains that all knowledge gathering leads to changes in the neuronet, Thank you. the movie gave the viewer a crash course in quantum mechanics to bring one up to speed on our current understanding, that is. yet they know about uncertainty and nonlocality, it¡¯s because the brain mainly serves survival purposes before it serves cognitive completeness and accurate perception.. Not that he cured cancer, if you have no clue that your thoughts! a new vision and I think that quantum physics, which first and foremost means self-knowledge. With what started to be an interresting scientific DVD turned out to be an information flr the Ramtha cult (google it).. Einstein namely found that time is relative to velocity, many of the self-help books out there don't go past the concept of "energy" and delve into the concept of "quantum physics" as these two above mentioned videos do, with a storyline to illustrate the points made by the scientists (and one channeler...that some here clearly considered an insult. It also grants us the power to create living hells for ourselves if we so choose and this situation creates insecurity. and vision, We are so much more than we think, in the big and in the small I highly recommend it, helping the layperson to understand its basic principles. not only because Krishnamurti sa

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