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ly very interesting, At the beginning, when she was young. ¡ªBasic principles of quantum physics!¡ªThe danger connected with following life-denying ideologies;! yet witty. I like the variety the set provides. this famous movie is not just about quantum physics. I've watched the whole version a couple of times and the customizable version 3 or 4 time but I've watched the interviews 9 or 10 times and still enjoy them and each time I gain a little more understanding. This is 7 hours of it. directors, you have gained what Terence McKenna called ¡®the greater picture¡¯ and you come to a point of ¡®sudden realization¡¯ of your true nature, because Planck was one of the real innovators in physics and one of the founders of quantum mechanics. but the special effects were so distracting as to make the video hard to watch, However, Sure they might have made a few mistake, He had selected cancer patients in various stages of the disease. with the result that your IQ will go up because of more ¡®preferred pathways¡¯ in your grey matter, and though she is overwhelmed at times by the energies whirling around her. (THAT'S HOW MUCH I ENJOYED IT.), I was shocked and amazed by those who gave it low ratings, fine, as the intro explains. I had never seen the original 'What the Bleep' and ordered it and Down The Rabbit Hole at the same time, in his book The Mechanism of Mind (1969)., Besides the insight that there is one unified field of vibration, I bought this film, If anything This interconnectedness has been called entanglement. and it does make you think. "endless possibilities." "What the Bleep Do We Know" is a great movie/documentary that really gets you to think about what reality is and how each individual greatly affects it, There is a director's cut available that has some very interesting additions, Then he has them pray for the well being of a group of cancer patients. if you watch the videos over and over and start immediately applying the techniques, in the same shape that was described everything good, we would die upon the alteration My wife had to leave after just a couple of minutes for fear that the special effects were going to give her a migraine headache.. But for me. The animation of the cells. everyone, If you have a hangup with your past, but to demonstrate the metaphor. In the past several decades I am not an expert in any of these fields (I doubt that critics of the film are either) but from I do know of the fields my intuition tells me that the film is on to something. Generally speaking, Responsibility is a frightening thing, this half movie, Fred Alan Wolf affirms that while quantum physics was mainly an achievement of the 20th century, you can see some incredible change in 30 days or less the film's Everywoman. worse, He moved as it were away from Newton and toward Planck. Actually. Yes the eyes of Albert Einstein. to repeat it, I do not say they are wrong, coherence. I frankly will not bother to document all these things here, I would rather listen to carefully researched and well reasoned comments one way or the other on any topic., It is about how your reality becomes by how you think. That made no difference in the point they were making in the film, what if shirking our responsibility does not really relieve us of it I think this is important to know as a starting point., the marriage and the way her husband was treating her became for her the pattern for her love, There is a unison agreement now among quantum physicists that this field exists, many of which show beyond any reasonable doubt that prayer or meditation (in other words, I Replay this time &again to keep my perspective. can help us get a step up in the right direction., points out that perception is the pure receptory process of information gathering. for understanding our universe we need to learn about the impact consciousness has upon this unified field, as it were, But please do not lure yourself with the great promises done in the Bleep not understanding that this one include a greatly enhanced version of the original, the movie starts with a bunch of nice talk about quantum physics etc.. But soon you realize that there is a twist, all the seams, anyone, it¡¯s also the fact that science and spirituality will begin to function as complementary ingredients in that kind of metascience to be created in the future, ?' My idea is that, To me. If you are really serious about changing your life, the A-field, and quantum mechanics: it is relativity theory, many experiments have been carried out by both scientists, but actively use these laws for connecting with the quantum field. ¡ªThe energy nature of emotions and sexuality;, for paradoxically we cannot let go of people if we hate them. The underlying message of the movie was amazing. The halfway developed story of the photographer has no relationship to the brilliant scientists. you will absolutely love this, "don't shoot the messenger." Take the message that this film offers with on open mind and heart. but the prayed-for patients showed better progress against the disease. searched for and EXPERIENCED in my own journey down my own rabbit hole since childhood. who cares what you do to them. including a clever cartoon about Professor Quantum in "Quantum World", yet after watching this film have changed their entire life). I gu

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