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have looked everywhere for one simple and yet has rooms for notes! which didn't work for me, I love how you can start this planner at any point in the year. this is not a problem for me. I can't really function normally without having any form of organization and phone apps don't really click with me as much as pen and paper, I love my Simple Elephant. Also all my followers love it. I also like that there are little reminders to go back and look at my goals for the year. so with it being undated. It's large enough to keep all my information in and small enough to keep in my purse so that it's always with me. elegant design. Fun "check in" from Jenn the owner too, It fits into my bag, The paper is a little bit thin. There are also so many notes pages on the back that I've already made use of, Love it and will order again next year. I can answer to its functionality. Unfortunately. it also has places for goal-setting, This planner is excellent quality with nice weekly pages with lots of room for notes. I highly recommend this planner for fellow university students who are involved in several things and need a way to organize! I really like the goal setting pages and areas for reflection each week, But it does ití»s job. Great organizer. and the pocket in the back is very handy. Super impressed with this planner. This was the best purchase option. but I fell in love with this product. Great for notes. really LOVE it! Superior to a very similar black and white bearish themed planner that I also purchased. I'm grateful that the week and month pages are un-dated. since I missed January. I love this Planner/Journal! More then a planner. but found it hard to continue with my busy schedule when the school semester started. If I don't write it down I will forget it or even monthly goals. eBonus included, I didn't realize it wouldn't be dated. The girlfriend LOVED it. The layout and the information are easy to use/follow. My journal stickers doní»t fit though : I started a new position and needed a well-organized planner. This planner is very well laid out. but. In fact! but I like it. I love this planner, Definitely is going to help me stay on track this year, I also love that it has multiple string bookmarks build it so I can keep track of where I am. The journal is smaller and is very plain and repetitive - not as colorful and large as the pictures show.! It made me want to get one for myself since it doesn't look very girly and the layout is functional.. This is perfect for my needs. the pages and the packing everything is perfect but they didní»t send the free sheet of stickers that I was suppose to get with the planner which I was really looking forward to. This emphasizes that the cover isn't very well done. Just get one and use it. and it keeps you looking at your year instead of just day after day. You get to write it all the dates so it can cater to your year so you can buy one at any time and not worry part of a year is waster! This is the cutest little planner. I absolutely think keeping track of your successes and failures of the week in writing is a fantastic idea. Arrived very fast with beautiful packaging. Ií»ll be honest; Ií»m not really a planner/diary kind of person. and prompts of the planner allow for nonlinear/creative minds to flourish while maintaining a grasp on administrative necessities of life. If you are one that wants to use this for daily notes it may be a great purchase, I got this for myself because I needed to get into planning things better again, The paper quality is great -- I use a mechanical pencil in the journal and it writes smoothly. and the weeks in another! Not only do you get the planner. Reflecting on the successes for the week and things that could be worked on is a great tool to better oneself My only issue is that there isn't more room for notes each day. Just like it says. The goal setting pages in the front and the blank pages in the back make this a perfect planner. I received this product day before yesterday and I didní»t get a chance to open and check till today. I absolutely love it. I would highly recommend this planner for anyone. I love The Simple Elephant but I'm still learning to use it properly. easy to use, It's really motivated me to set goals and complete them. Very pleased overall. ownership! I started in the month of February and now I don't feel as wasteful! Too soon to see if it helps.! I like the layout and the years worth of space for planning!! Great for an ADD or anyone, I have made To-Do Lists using notebooks so I know using planners works for me, I really like this planner. Compact with undated pages! it keeps the journal at a decent size as opposed to some I've had in the past that were like a block. It comes with stickers ands pocket in the back for notes. and keep goals. Fourth plenty of room for notes. I use Frixion pens to write in this and seems to pair well with the paper seems. The go to planner for my not so eager planning college guy. durable planner - it's just not for me Great planner, So much more streamlined than bujo or other planners. I also like the way you can record things monthly and weekly. Not only it is super cost-effective but I love being ab

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