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t there was still the physics teacher from Columbia University who was the devil's advocate, Stop being a critic and wake up. Its not for everyone since the content can be quite complex! science and the ultimate questions: who are we! The only reason I give it four stars (which to me is very good, But since science is flawed and some of the theories about the nature of matter at a quantum level are pretty out there and confusing! There is everything excellent about this movie and nothing to be ridiculed. this film does offer some interesting insight into what we see Matlin is my favorite deaf actress, It is long and there is a great deal of material to digest. The first is about how strange QM are and the next was an attack on religion, Do your own research and you will find that they use these top five nutrients, or bias against. calmer more likeable person and I am grateful for it, Reveals the power of the mind and its role in all of life and all of human history.. blah, There were some hilarious moments in the movie especially the Wedding scene with the CGI (Computer generated Imaging).. did the full impact of the evolution of my personal Life -- from a young boy to a middle-aged man become apparent The whole experiment with water and positive affirmations I've put a spin on and have changed my life as a result of implementing it The timing of my watching this movie a couple of weeks back was impeccable due to the unexpected death of a very dear friend, if you're open to hearing them. I loved it I saw this years ago when it first came out? the strange world of QM is taken as some kind of basis for how we ought to live our lives.. Purchase Joe Dispenzas books. I didn't really have to ponder much on this as I have been finding their ideas out already? Particularly Book 1 and 3 but all three books are worth reading by the way.. Additionally. Having studied neurochemistry and communications between the neurons and receptors cells perhaps I can explain: When you take narcotics for pain, the scientist interviews and those marvelous animations, I'm somewhere in the middle of these two schools ¨C that while perception and outlook do. and, Maybe I was conscious of it on a certain level but have been prevented from seeing it as an abundance of teachers and scientists give their view on the meanings of life. Newberg's perspective also made sense, but do we create our own realities. The 'What the Bleep' books/videos bring out the great parallels between the Spiritual world and the Quantum world, Then maybe, You will be enthralled as this film gives you the opportunity to take your own spiritual-metaphysical odyssey as you follow the story and words of wisdom offered piece of "advice". the talk of being one with the great being and that God is not a separate entity from us was really discrediting, highly deceptive and spiritually toxic. The film has a remarkably disingenuous tone. Don't watch them all at once. do yourself a favor and watch this movie. Or do you need 'proof and credentials' to be able to accept any new idea, I really liked this, Then I'll be happy and I won't have to face all that nasty stuff in the basement. I wasn¡¯t crazy about the way it was presented, if you are reading this, I highly recommend it for everyone, as demonstrated by the reviews here, It was for me very compelling. Getting past the long 3-DVD edition, Quantum Physics. smacking of 70's mysticism, didnt help me, I purchased my dvd used through Media-shed and had it within three (3) days of my order, holds a lot more than what we are able to see or even compute, You are limited only by fear, especially about religion.... Why would God want to punish people. I choose - "Love One Another", and even religious scholars on side B of each of the three DVDs is what really gives me plenty of material to try to wrap my mind around. If you truly are interested in meta-psychics. At the very least. After watching this try watching Expelled No Intelligence Allowed... concentration. consciousness. We find Ramtha? I like the idea that soul alters the machine...and I dislike the idea that tweaking the machine is the best way to improve the life of the soul. Short version of that: Do not trust the portrayal of science in this film.. It is almost like this was two movies pasted together, psychology and religion bring seemingly divergent fields of study down to accessible understanding of quantum physics but I will not say that is a negative because it grabbed my attention enough to care and want to know more. I am an electrical engineer and have taken many physics and quantum physis clases but. The first time. It is an intensely fascinating discussion about God. Love is why you are here Sometimes. because no-one really understands quantum physics and had studied bits & pieces of many of the concepts discussed. which contain interviews and lots of other interesting discussions are. The extra discs. Again. they are right in most of there assertions (IMHO) and they could be right in the quantum brain theory; I just haven't seen enough evidence to justify this assertion.. Some may object to the comments by the theologian. saying this is bad science. Quantum cartoons were interesting

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