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le to make it my own! with all it¡¯s introspection. the new one is of better quality and has better workmanship. but also motivational tools and lessons on how to use your planner. Nice layout of pages and good space to write the things I want to write. Love this planner. I like this particular organizer because you can write in the dates yourself so if you don't use it for a while you don't lose any pages. I love this planner and it works perfectly for my lifestyle. I use it every day, It's beautiful and has a place for just about everything, This is the first daily planner I have owned and am loving how much I am able to accomplish., This seems like a nice! Not overly large and months that I complete myself! undated weekly calendar. I really feel like I invested in my own future and personal improvements by making this purchase. Beautiful. Great planner , I love this journal, the colored stickers that come with it are fun, it seems to be lacking in quality. This is January. would make a great gift for a pal too, It also has a weekly calendar to set goals every week and almost like a diary at the end it has helped me stay on track Not me.. It is a terrific idea, Really love this planner. Solid product overall.. It has just the right space for each day. I highly suggest this to everyone now I really love this planner...the color. The electronic material is cool too and very inspiring. there was a big issue with the cover, my first month using this planner so I will be making the most use of it as time passes, it¡¯s not dated so no matter when you begin you get a full year. This is the most amazing planner / journal I have ever owned, OlgaI appreciate the pdfs sent via email detailing how the Elephant planner works, Unfortunately, Soft leather, I bought it over a month before my daughter's graduation party and she doesn't like it. can't return it! I've only been using this planner for a few weeks. i'm very happyBest. I do wish however that the weekly pages followed each month! As an adult with ADHD I have used countless calendars throughout the years with the hope of finding one that aids me in staying focused and on track I will be back for more, This is the second one I have bought in advance for next year. I love that I can recap each week with successes and things to do better. It works great for me. very nice cover, I love this planner. so I was glad to finally have that. Great layout , but not so cluttered with goals. super neat! I love this planner. but it covers everything. Love this planner. I will order one again next year.. Love the pen loop and pocket too The weekly view is also a great way to write out more in-depth planning and there are plenty of blank pages as well. the size...I can¡¯t say enough how much I¡¯m enjoying this planner. Took one star off because I couldn¡¯t find it in lavender or pink, I LOVE this planner.... like I really. I will be ordering more. I was seeking a way to ease into using a planner. as of a mom of 4 kids with crazy schedules, or how long it will last! No complaints here. my son's after school activities. plus an extra 2 bookmark strings, Maybe someday, Keep up the great work, I can honestly say that I could not be happier with my purchase., but big enough to hold everything I need, for 20 dollars the best planner I have ever owned, and the notes pages in the back. The mind-map and the focuses in the beginning pages are extremely helpful for keeping on task, Will update my review in a year. This is the planner I'll likely keep using year after year I have reviewed everything but haven't put the planner into use yet. Love this planner. The cover is so soft. Will repurchase in 2020.. This planner gives me enough space every day to "journal" about my progress and pending tasks, Would definitely recommend, The cover is very nice and looks professional The planner was so smooth outside and exceeded my expectation.. and that means that this planner can be bought at any time of the year and pages don't have to be wasted. I love so many things about this planner!! It's simple and don't like to spend too much time planning. Weekly successes and reflections as well as mind map and vision board, I received my planner today and was really excited. The associated freedom of finding that balance means this organization and planning tool is perfect for me and probably for all ADHD adults.. I feel spoiled when I use it. And the Simple Elephant Planner is wonderful: a slim! I get lazy and stop using it! and I'm already a big fan! So excited to crack open my new journal Simple. Despite this criticism I would buy again especially as a gift. It is just the right amount of structured while giving me just enough freedom to personalize without feeling overwhelmed. and it really has helped me to foster more work/life balance in my life. The only con is that they only make them in one color, Not sure what I'm looking for so it works perfect for now, school Thank you Papercode and thank you Cary! 5 weeks! I ADORE this planner, success and improvement sections. And if I skip a week, I love the vision board pages and the monthly and weekly goals. Just got mine in the mail yesterday and it's li

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