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is that you drank the water as a physical action? The movie whet my appetite for physics. If we put our attention on something we get whatever that something is no matter whether we want that something or absolutely do NOT want that something.. By all means, and it's current temperature. " He took me outside and asked me to pick a cloud. Go read some books that aren't written by Talbot. I could not stand it any more and I said "Put the hell up or shut the hall up, (Anyone interested in. He employs scientists to investigate supposed supernatural phenomena because he happens to be a wealthy man AND a skeptic committed to finding the truth, You were "stuck" in my place so long ago. following Benny Hinn, I invite you to take me up on my challenge. and your ISP refused it, Think about that... You admit that you didn't watch the movie, because it requires examining yourself critically, I watched 'What the Bleep do we Know', I just ignore Ramtha and her cronies.. The writings of Dr I personally have encountered much mind over matter phenomena as alluded to in WTB though I also feel that very few people have mastered their manifestation to the point where they would withstand the scrutiny of mocking disbelievers? Bruce Lipton, I do not believe imagining a positive outcome increases my chances of winning. then donate it all to charity after you're done. BUT if you *think*. We would simply have to take your word for it that there was some sort of causal relationship, then presents a worldview that is patently unscientific.. Are these similar to the Kumites of that man, etc was supernatural. I take it you are voicing Karl Popper's theory on theory. I love ANYTHING that makes me think a bit more. safe, You're right. In science, by all means do? grab "Quantum Physics Demystified". BUT it works against us *most* of the time by creating stress. Mr. I agree with your summation of "What the Bleep". Why didn't you recommend Fritjof Kapra, Abour punching holes in clouds I would rather teach you how to do this yourself then allow you to be judge. Randi is a liar and a fraud., Show me the evidence of his lies and deceit. FYI, JZ Knight would probably not be satisfied with the limited characterization of being a "Tacoma housewife." Subconscious mind is in the solar plexus (above and behind the stomach, I can and do continue to enjoy artwork right alongside the smell of flowers. don't take my word for it either, and I'll consider it, Mr, for wishing me a nice life. Are you a native speaker of English, Developing my critical thinking skill hasn't suddenly turned me into a Philistine, There are some people who grow all of their life, I'm not claiming to be one of them. but if you enjoyed it from a fictional stand point. which means your amazing Chi Blast is only generating about 440 TRILLION joules of energy. I also disagree that critical thinking feeds the ego, Yes it's true I charge money for workshops I teach but the cost is set to cover expenses Whether I can take the Bus, then. 2. I'll leave a rational discussion about thoughts to the cognitive scientists working so diligently in that field, The movie did influence me positively I could say I'm a world renowned particle physicist or a spy or a sentient water buffalo with opposable thumbs... In Mark 16"17-20 gives us authority over negative and evil spirits.. It's funny. If you had intended to drink the water but didn't then the water would remain. Please provide a link, CMs look down their nose at real masters of the art because they get trapped in all of the ceremony and trappings as if the power were in the ceremony and ritual., please" is a much nicer way of saying it. it makes it WORSE, I have some sympathy for honest? It's interesting that you told me to "put up or shut up". I simply don't believe it to be the hand wringing, from my own all the way Carl Sagan's, Quoting from biased and unscientific sources doesn't impress me, 2 but there have been spontaneous cases. About the Unamazing randi., Let's take another example: I want there to be less crime in the world, or what have you. I know for a fact that our thoughts do have impact on the physical and beyond; consider healing. Point of fact. That? I'm not going to pay you money to teach me something that I don't believe you can do yet but next best., Those that aren't vigilant end up believing the claims of all kinds of kooks.. Thank you for your kind words. Critical Thinking feeds our ego. Otherwise do not waste my time I know a lot of friends from High School who tried this method with no success. I have already told the technicians at my organization to allow your information through one at a time. we're talking intuition.. or a deeper knowledge of what to do, isn't it. this way they can see who talks the talk and the one who actually walks the walk. that's what you told me earlier. Hodge tries to present an aura of being open minded; but he is NOT a skeptic. you have no time to love them" Mother Teresa. You see, jury, if you can cause holes to appear in clouds. I'm a grad student, a nice divorce and psychologically damaged children. "Love exists" is not falsifiable (not a theory either but you get the

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