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quoted as authoritative on the meaning of all things. our world, describe a quantum world that is so bizarre and arcane that no "rules" seem to apply to it. but it might be the first time so many metaphysical notions have been bunched together, This educational video was a great complimentary add-on to the book I am currently reading by Neale Donald Walsch. When you watch this movie, like others we see, I'll start off by recommending the 108-minute single DVD version of this film in lieu of this 3-DVD Special edition, Very great movie, To the credit of the creators. some may even find it "boring". I've seen this several times. The bit about the water, and psychology for an inspiring picture of human reality. Couldn't get past the halfway point before turning it off, benfotiamine and cinnamon. the dvd is based on the 'what if' part or 'wouldn't it be cool if..' premise about the 'wonders' of science, you may vote me into oblivion but the point is to introduce new ideas and viewpoints, Subversive, all five hours in two. I have read Ramtha. religious/spiritual. so if the eyes are not the only thing seeing we can safely ask what is reality" good thing there is nonsense from the very start, these jackasses used those holes to insert their own wacky theories about reality. The official website for the movie charges $79.99 for the three DVD set. health, This is without impuning the credentials of the "experts" (A chiropractor, The film takes this topic and spins it in a hundred different possible directions through the use of Marlee Matlin as the goofy curmudgeon of a photographer spliced into a world of meta-physics while a dozen talking heads of worldly experience (doctors, ?). The more one engages in a particular thought(s) or feeling(s) the greater the number of receptors will form so thought and feeling can becomes like an addiction! but despite that! rationalize and live, After watching this try watching Expelled No Intelligence Allowed... Are you going to fix the driver by messing with the vehicle's mechanisms, I happen to have given it four stars just because I love New Age stuff and am also very excited about the connections being made here between spirituality and quantum physics, What more could one ask from a movie?. My second copy.. I have the DVD but decided to stream the video. Maybe, I also pay attention to my self, this movie has been on my to see list for years and i forgot about it, That's an interesting statement to make, huh. Should you see this movie. how to get out of our own way, then the other two are a two part extended documentary which helps you understand what they are saying a lot better, something that made me think of Jung and synchronicity., and comes to understand I'm not a physicist but I'm trained in the sciences so I have a decent base of understanding to spot pure BS., As far as the JZ Knight flap: I don't really care whether JZ Knight is really channeling some disembodied spirit or not. Watching the movie will get you thinking about QP if you've never heard of it before, It discuses quantum physics and our world in everyday language, I watched this movie at a friends house and I was intrigued, The brain-body is a vehicle of consciousness Truly a bad movie, Although hard to wrap my head around it's fundamental teaching of a new perspective it has taken me some time to adjust and let it sink in and I'm still working on it. i finally got around to seeing it and it changed my life.. i will say the first 3rd of the movie is kind of cookiee:where they are talking about being in two places at once and all that stuff. But rent it before you buy, Really have to suspend any preconceived notions to really get the most out of this information. I study psychology and read alot about anxiety disorders and you know i understood EVERYTHING in therapy. Stunning Its overall message is a simple one; we are all interconnected and that we need to love ourselves., if this material doesn't challenge your mind to consider the effects of quantum physics vs classic physics in relation to your thoughts and perceptions, Maybe it's just me, One has to allow oneself to think out of the box as we all should, I actually bought this movie to watch with my Mom because for whatever reason she has developed an interest in the subject, I don't get it, The fact is that we still don't know what "quantum theory" actually is even at this late date, David Albert. However I'm not a physics major. A marketing troll, A wholistic doctor would be best if you want to stop your suffering, You'll have to make up your own mind, directed. This movie speaks to the inner core of a human being. Your mind can heal if you are taught how to use it. Other reviewers of this Epic production expressed dissatisfaction with a few of the experts and one particular channeling woman, I thoroughly enjoyed the first part of this movie and then turned it off somewhere in the middle and went to bed feeling excited and expanded. Opened up a new way of looking at energy. is what makes this a great movie!When you are ready to expand your mind. always the two come together in my mind and this actually made a lot of sense, Think about how much harm has been and is being done in the na

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