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ickers to go along with the original order. I can't wait to use it to streamline some of my goals., so good. and a LOT of pages (NUMBERED pages) at the end for notes! LOVE IT, Covers more than regular calendar, There is plenty of space to write in both the monthly and weekly calendars, Has a lot of pages that I didn¡¯t realize I wouldn¡¯t use. I love that this one has months. Beautiful day planner. It doesn¡¯t, gratuity. I use this to track my mood and triggers along withevents and more, The only criticisms I have is that it could include more stickers and maybe an explanation of what a vision board and mind map are so you can fill out those sections without a lot of Googling. open. Also! I have been able to reach many of my short-term goals simply because they are written down where I can seem them everyday! A mini journal. etc, I love this planner, weeks, and enjoy keeping a physical calendar, I¡¯m a planner person. It offers both monthly and daily views so that you have both a quick glance at what¡¯s coming ahead as well as an area to record details for your day!Thank you so much for such a useful planner to me its very helpful.. filling out the dates on my own kept me busy and its very therapeutic. Love how it holds you accountable. The material feels scary soft and I thought it would tear right away, I love the color and layout, 5 weeks, theres a,pocket in the back to hold anything. There¡¯s not a lot of extra fluff and it¡¯s laid out very intuitively. Totally worth theI love this product. He has "executive function" issues and he needs a way to stay organized but something that was flexible! It's so classy but it's not just for form!I absolutely love. It makes it easy to keep track of progress on my goals, vision board etc in the front of the planner, This is a great planner. More flexibility to either take notes I'll be honest I haven't found much use for the weekly planner part but I think that's just because I like to see my schedule in full scale of the month. I like the how the company is being handled too .. might be an new fan My husband gave me a funny look for buying a planner when I have a smartphone. which I started using for daily task lists! I also love the quality of the paper (feels like writing in a Moleskin notebook). by far, a weekly view with plenty of space for writing a list of things to do each day. the pages are great. I will be purchasing one every year to keep myself organized at work.This is a great planner. It¡¯s ok, Its nothing like they say it is. The Simple Elephant has gotten me further than ever before. Love that it gives you control to fill out given months. I would love to see improvements and hope.its around for a while.. Thanks. to-do lists etc that I feel overwhelmed., I rarely complain about products I purchase but will say that I am somewhat dismayed about the quality of this planner A nice sized little book! :). All 4 girls were given this planner and really seem to enjoy the daily goals. Imagine my dismay when flipping through the book to find a giant ink spot on one of the journal pages., I have ADD and this has really helped me stay organized! I use it everyday and have found that having a place to write my long-term goals as well as weekly goals has been extremely useful. Im so glad I found this, It has section for weekly notes and note pages for writing as well. I use them based on what happened that day or that week. not for a college student.! Good size. Plus every page is numbered so you can journal in the blank pages in the back and reference them in the calendar views, I love the feeling of being organized.. Lots of space to write in. Pages are thick enought ink doesnt bleed threw. The book binding is falling apart its so cheap. I Love this planner. It was a bit too much. 1 month. However since anxiety is often a part of ADHD. for myself and 11 year old. I write heavy and haven¡¯t had this problem at all, but I really like that the pocket in the back has so much room for things I need to keep track of. When it came yesterday blank calendars. I strongly recommend getting this planner if you want to get your [stuff] together! I do not enjoy constructing them; this is the true 80% solution...Problem solved.. NEXT. It has really helped me make better use of my time! If you don't mind putting in the dates, I like that the days have lines...not times, I have bought a couple of these and the quality is great! I don¡¯t adapt well to any kind of change. Other than it's very versatile and comes equipped with a lot of different options to plan out my week. and a place for notes! thoughts!! Like another reviewer said! blank monthly calendar pages, I am a list maker and a planner and even though I love using my phone. Gives you freedom to make it work for yourself, there is even a nice big section of blank lined pages. I like the simplicity of this planner. Papercode. one month! The elastic to hold a pen or pencil and the three fabric bookmarks were excellent touches as well! This is a crossroads in my life, I don't need blank pages giving my guilt, I am so happy and pleased with my Simple Elephant!\My husband loves this planner, But it's pretty hard for me right now consid

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