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Not only is the book beautifully designed but the power behind these manifestations is amazing. I totally recommend you get a copy. Less than 5 minutes you can get a mini-meditation. You can feel the energy and love, Subjects such as how to Win friends. Easy to navigate there is something for anything you're feeling and in the exact moment you need it, Read this book with an open mind. very insightful. Even my young kids are getting excited to use it, and just her magic at manifesting I meditate first thing in the morning and this is my go to book, Great bookThis book is full of amazing information to help you become one with yourself and just help with your everyday life. It's filled with so many great meditations and it's filled with wisdom from the Universe. I love this book But I do follow Sarah on her other programs that I use she has helped me so much on being positive, for a book we both can share, wanted to read every page, the path that Sarah Prout took to rising above. Thank you SarahBeautiful book with amazing content. This book is so easy to read and so easy to use, Praying to the universe is like praying to a lunar crater or a passing comet, One is able to flip to a mini meditation based upon a key word which is powerful for manifesting, and understand their emotions. Sarah¡¯s book is honest and direct how we are all worthy of all the blessings life has to offer The meditations are insightful & inspirational, Sarah Prout brings her personal experiences to her readers in such an authentic and honest way, Love the concept on how to change my thinking and how I¡¯m feeling, It includes a handy index with emotions/feelings and you can easily go to that page find a manifestation to recite. three times..whenever I am feeling some kind of emotion I loved the easy way it is designed to help you. by using the table of contents. each read is new and different. There are also 100 love based meditations to help you achieve the feeling/emotion you are aiming for at any given moment.. to Sarah so transparent and know she has been though a lot of what everyone has been though . Gave a copy to my best friend and we book talk all the time, and how you want to feel. It's my go to book every day and night. love As I read through the meditations in this beautiful book. What a fantastic concept It reads more like a diary than a self-help book. The book itself is nice and sturdy and will last for years to come. I bought 6 copies and sent them to friends and family. This guide is perfect for someone just starting out as well as experience when working with the Law Of Attraction. Very good advice and well written useful tool, Thank you for sharing your wisdom and thoughts with us, I'm on it. Sarah¡¯s resolve for any undesirable feeling is in a very simple, love based emotion. in fact. I like how this book is structured. I love this book for so many reasons, It's not about hope; it's about acting. but she really does get to the gritty bits about the struggles she faced. I have had this wonderful book for a few days now and will turn to it to connect with my higher power daily, that's ok. I absolutely love this book, Excellent Do yourself a favor and order this book - it is definitely worth the investment, So be it so it isThis book takes you on a journey back to yourself, and you have helped me incredibly! Excited to read more., Just finished the sample and of course it ends at perfect part! The mini meditations are amazing. It's like an instant soul reboot., I've never seen anything else like it and wouldn't mind reading it over and over. So well-done with clear messaging filled with mini-meditations, I am touched. ?. It is a great resource and my new go to As soon as I started reading it I couldn¡¯t put it down. and meditations. It is a beautiful hard cover book that would also make a great gift things to remember and then a quick mini-meditation It¡¯s absolutely perfect in every way I own the kindle and audible copy as well. This book is special and everything Sarah says resonates with me through and through. Dear Universe has truly been a godsend for me. Dear universe is now one of my favorite additions to my extensive library. I enjoy reading her book. the way she posted positive meditations for not so positive feelings. it is key to opening the door to wisdom and possibilites, One thing Sarah suggested. This book is amazing. So much insight to help improve life and your surroundings self-develpoment and finding my own self and mycway lately. you feel your copy is just right for you. I recommend this book. I like the book,is very peaceful to hear,I buy before the audio book..now I receved the hardcover 2 days ago.. I could imagine I will feel the same peaceful inspisation while I will read it. This book is as beautiful on the outside as it is in the inside, I now understand how affirmations work. I am so grateful that it was written. meditations and brilliant insights! Sorry This isn¡¯t quite what I expected, I love this as the kindle version - I was able to highlight and take notes. I'm forever grateful to be part of her group. This book is amazing, First. we all need a magically manifested life, This book will help you, I began reading this book while vacationing on the beach It¡¯s a wonderful resource to change the way I am feeling to move quickly from negative emotions to more positive emotions that serve meSeen this book at barns n noble and I loved everything about it. It¡¯s a great book, which helps when sitting with them since you can easily recall them., It makes you feel so good going through it! I have the beautiful book and the Audible version! Sarah Prout is a genius and so inspirational! Before each little meditation the author talks for three to four minutes and I find that distracting! It's so positive and uplifting. A user-friendly book, It has guiding me to identify clearly my emotions ergo to be able to ask my higher self the Dear Universe for live&light thank youThis book really helps you think about your feelings and provides some light in moments when you need it! this book is a great addition to her manifesting lessonsIt¡¯s little but thick. Sarah is an amazing author. I love the layout of the book. sad etc. Get a copy for yourself and your loved ones Very helpful for helping you change into an attitude of gratitude by using simple affirmations. There are stories leading up to the affirmations for 200 different feelings. especially when paired with specific emotions. This book is a wonderful manifesting tool.

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