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tions are separated and organized so you can find which one to use depending upon your feelings that day. She gives 100 different fear-based emotions and a mini meditation to go with each feeling the reader is experiencing. I am reading threw the book and getting familiar with it. Then. Thank you so much Sarah. I highly recommend this book. This book is appropriate for all ages and all backgrounds as this is not centered on any religion. I been listening to this book on Audible from the time I ordered it 2 weeks ago. Purchased this months ago not knowing what to expect and it arrived today, My heart felt Thank you SarahI have enjoyed this book immensely. Sarah¡¯s New Book is so Inspirational and I absolutely have it in Hardcover and in Audible too. Sarah Prout is amazing.... a true inspiration to anyone whom has ever been through a dark period in their lifetime, and move through them with confidence and power! It not only looks amazing it is amazing so helpful. and so grateful for this book and Sarah. like the title said. Sarah addresses a wide range of emotions. I am moved, Excellent! 10/10 would recommend! I love Dear Universe for the inspiration it has given me! and it's helped me celebrate the good times!I¡¯m looking forward to keeping this title at the top of my library for many years to come.!! I bought this book in hardback It links the fear based feelings with higher vibrations to further your healing.!! and living your best life possible.. It is black and white with no inbetween.. Manifestation!!! I just got my book in the mail today. out of. and to applying its lessons. I¡¯m on it! I am grateful. I have just the one hardcover copy but I¡¯m gonna be purchasing the e-copy as well. It really is a amazing book Sara has changed my life and this book is a must read for all those ready to manifest what they want in their lives.!! The meditations are hitting me right where they should, If you are into the Laws of Attraction. I definitely recommend this to anyone looking to build a meditation habit and co-create the life they truly want to live, p through difficulties! and inspirational! but Sarah doesn't!Love. Perfect for gifts and giving, The book is jam packed with beautiful meditations for all emotional states, Bought a second one immediately as a gift for my sister.! I have been reading this book faithfully since I received my copy! After reading threw the entire book daily. Thank you Sarah. away.. A RECIPE BOOK about emotions and there are plenty of recipes here to choose from based on your mental frame of mind in the circumstances of daily life., This book really resonated with me. Is it negative and you want to change it This is the best book on manifestation that I have ever read. I love this book! I have my first one to my 16 year old Granddaughter., El libro es muy bueno y hace cambiar el pensamiento. too.. Wonderful book wonderful sellerGreat Book!!! Love this book Dear Universe too, easy to carry around so that you can meditate anywhere and not lose your place.. has human feelings and its own will. love it. Beautifully inspiring. A go to daily resource even after you read through for the first time. There are 100 fear based emotions and 100 love based emotions . Thank you. and a wonderful tool that I use daily. technical knowledge BS , We have a shop copy for our clients at Maven's Moon and several have ordered their own copy. I¡¯ve been using it daily since I got it, Open's your eyes and mind to broader views I know that I am given the signs that I need to see at the divine time. I am so grateful to have found Sarah Prout and being a part of her Dear Universe launch team has made me feel like I¡¯m helping something so much bigger than myself. Whenever I feel an emotion, So many others vaguely tell you how to shift your thinking; in this book the specifics of how to address each feeling you experience is truly insightful! This book is one of the best LOA books I have ever read and owned. I really like how she has divided it into parts and has alphabetized emotions with a meditation for each! You can read this book at your sunniest times to deepen gratitude. Well laid out. Thank you for this wonderful. I bought one for myself and was so impressed. This book is very well written for manifesting your dreams. There are 100 fear based meditations to help you through times in life when you need to be uplifted, Happy Reading. that I find myself reaching for again & again.. transforming her life and then sharing her experiences authentically with the world to help others.! Whether they are good or bad, that went into the making of it! Very pretty book too.! I love starting my day with a meditation on how I want the day to go! but I would have enjoyed it more if it had more motivating content than autobiographic examples. I love the way it¡¯s broken down into how you¡¯re feeling now! thoughts and behavior patterns. then engaging again. And I love it. for ideas set up for people in need to turn to, A ¡°choose your own emotion¡± book with compelling and relatable stories affirming that we are all in this together. It has a meditation for any struggle you may face, This book is amazing in so many ways!Was looking for a book with the foundation of positivity, with beautiful delicate illustration and above all her heart is in every word on every page within each letter, Order This Book. Love it and I love Sarah Prout! Very helpful. peaceful place. You need to pick this up if you are working on yourself and want to have more joy in your life. I can't stop thinking about which of my friends and family I should send a copy to. Part 3 then contains 100 mini meditations to embrace love. If you ever were interested in the Law of Attraction and Manifesting...this book has to be in your library. Thank you Sarah Prout, It's not woowoo! but reading this can he. this book will give you a mediation and a little reading to help you align your emotions with your desires. My favorite book for daily meditations! Will keep it close by to read over and over! Sarah Prout speaks from the heart in a gentle and loving manner with every word. It is heavy duty for years of use. There are 100 fear based emotion meditations and each one has 3 suggestions for the opposite love based emotions. I¡¯ve been following Sarah for a few months and was thrilled to recceive this book. It is a skill in focus of what is desired constituted mainly by LOVE. your story touched my heart. The layout of this book is perfect and the affirmations are good but each page is about the author and something she e

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