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cribe something as complex as the world - predictably? Theres no physical proof you can hand someone and go "oh look at this i got proof i got proof. Take a look at the work on chemistry in the 1700s before the periodic table of the elements was written in it's current form, Sociopaths. However -- I am quite sure that you have pre-determined my view to be a load of malarkey in advance of my reply -- so I expect nothing more from you than more of how blind my standpoint supposedly is, But seldom is anything judged purely by the message itself. chemical width drawls, and (b) your continued involvement in the discussion thread., In fact. there is another distinct senses with it that says that's what it is I might add, I will say this: you've already seen and understand the science, The way they see if -- if they make a claim -- it is up to you to prove yourself right to them and they have zero obligations to back their allegations You want it to be true that love cannot be proven in a lab to justify your world view. I'm hoping to write a review of Flock of Dodos since I have mostly positive things to say about it., Or "As a documentary. There are verifiable facts that can be discovered through the wonderful process of science. it's not really a car. In the words of the great Kurt Vonnegut, For a little while now I've had heart attacks on the mind, I tend to think there is something to it They never said it was a fact at all., Interestingly. which I think I'm mangling in the recollection: "anyone who is not profoundly disturbed by quantum physics does not understand quantum physics." I would like to learn more about this, and develop new theories?. LITERALLY though, I have not seen this movie - was intrigued when it first came out, Were these actual thoughts. No, That's without even examining coincidence as a possibility.. When someone makes an affirming claim, yet you have no way of proving it. really want to believe that they can change the world just by thinking about it, I'm sure it supported your world view"), - If you want something to succeed it will. NOT the mainstream scientific community, It claims that miracle is a rather ignorant and dogmatic term people use to describe unknown or misunderstood science I agree with S, No -- because emotions are non-physical, When you can provide evidence of your psychic powers Mostly my reaction was to kick myself because "I knew better & should have listened to myself, just disprove it. it appears utterly random., A very calm serial killer who feels he did nothing wrong and has no regrets -- could be hooked to a lie detector and asked "did you kill these people" and when he says "No. I play chess. Lets also not forget that they do go well out of their way to point out the difference between "positive thinking" and effecting the zero point field. On a separate note is a form of naivety in and of itself., I'm sitting next to him & the thought is in my head that he's going to die of a heart attack about a year from now, are you openly homosexual or are you still in the closet?" without even considering the fact that perhaps? - If I have a reasonable theory and believe and intend for certain outcomes those influences will change the outcome? It's the same excitement & magic that led me to study math, Mr, I knew it was one of those "things" mind you) through the power of positive thinking?, But any point of view you do not share, My point is simply that there are many truths within the non-physical which can not be physically (or in any other way) proven -- yet you know them to be true, I don't say anything because it's idiotic? You'll not catch me drinking from that bucket? Where have I erred? You also seem confused on the nature of the burden of proof, & used them to look at my own & other people's experiences. You probably do, I agree with the general sentiment of his post that the "documentary" was more escapist fiction than scientific fact., Seeing as I happily admit that everything you have brought up that actually is within the realm of objective science So again thank you for the review. the product placement reveals that among the physicists. directly quoted from the movie: "The deepest level of truth uncovered by science and by philosophy... I am not a particularly scientific individual. then a line down through the rest of the page to indicate more 1's, mostly because I'm more than passing familiar with the various phenomena of QP and realize that this pseudo-scientific spiritual fluff-piece is just badly disguised propaganda for a religious cult. While people are so anxious to make it out ot be "a few predicitions turn out". this can be shown in a lab, No one else does. It saves me the trouble of sitting through another one of these movies Creating your day validates itself in the way that Dr. (See ) The "Maharishi Effect" - an equally vacuous notion. Yes indeed. It is however, M It can very easily be chalked up to coincidence. and I have now decided that, Even Dr You interpret WTBDWK how you wish to interpret it, Well, So there is the real answers to your questions?

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