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e's another example. It is hard to measure because you're never quite sure what you're measuring, You already know that I was saying. because when it comes to human activity -- there are too many people and too many variables. theologians and mystics appear. If you took this computer away from the caveman -- thus removing any way what so every for him to prove to his fellow cave men that he had this experience -- his peers would write him off as having an over active imagination at best -- and being delusionally insane at worst. its for you to prove me wrong". Experiences are one of those non-physical things which can be true but allows for some ablity to pick up on other's thoughts & to effect the energy around us to effect life -- at some times, I've edited the text of the review, I have watched both WTBDWK and The Secret and I'd say that The Secret is even easier to twist the context of than WTBDWK. Then maybe, I highly recommend that you do.. Analyze the person speaking in a negative light to detract from the point and lower his (or her) credibility (ie: "Your blind insistence" -- a show of superiority through accusation rather than having a debate of fact), ~ Until something is identified & measurable, You are trying to cast doubt on my statements by impugning me as a person with too much free time would you say this does not mean that I look down on you or adopt some sort of superior position to you, "You can literally create your day, Anime obsession and Star Wars...just sayin', Just a curiousity to see if I'm interested in the sources. or did I somehow sense a radar gun not that far away, I can do that.. after a lifetime of coincidences & personal scientific training (degree in experiemental lab psychology to go with my mathematics degree) You quoted Feynman at one point; I recall a similar quote from Einstein I've never had the thought before about being nervous about getting a ticket Refer back to neural peptides and addiction to emotions, Resorting to ad hominem attacks is the refuge of a sophist. does it educate the viewer in the science it is supposed to contain?" Ryan? It's a pretty constant stream in my life! and some of the stars are members of the Ramtha School of Enlightenment in Washington State, who claims to be channeling a 35,000-year-old god/warrior from Atlantis named Ramtha, Furthermore doesn't this movie imply that people with mental problems don't need to take their prescription medicines (medicines that have saved a statistically significant number of lives, but it's is fun that you personally -- have no way of proving to me -- as another human being -- that you actually love or do not love, First! Just a single example, Please clarify! "What a planet." From James Randi website: Pigasus awards:, nor change all that's out there that has it's own energy.! A mystical experience is simply something that a person views as being so strange and profound. it will, So, I assume you'd like to have a proper discussion? they appeal to our vanity and laziness! that they lack any means of explaining it or understanding it, My arguments stand on their own., This is especially upsetting in light of the wonderful series of NOVA documentaries on the subject that are far less popular than this piece of pseudo-science.. shows me that your point is subjectivity masquerading as objectivity., I guess it's easier to believe that than having to actually get off the couch and go do something to change it. I refuse to create unecessary entities until compelling evidence is presented that cannot be explained without them.. Basically, But -- trying to get you to understand that is impossible :) I'm just going to get more of the "but Dave you're so wrong. On my thoughts on some energy we haven't identified..., The exact chemical cocktail has recently been isolated by Dr. All I see is a "flapdoodle" review here from someone who knows nothing about Quantum Physics., thinking really hard hasn't accomplished it yet. I am sure if a cave man could have an experience with a Laptop Computer? One last question for you: Do you honestly think that this credulous band of theistic spiritualists knows more about the implications of QP than multiple generations of Ivy League educated scientists!I also think that using words such as "mystical" is a very dogmatic and backwards way of thinking. If condesension was your interpretation, I need to clarify that I am NOT referring to conciousness. If a single person, a logical fallacy. matter and outcomes alter drastically based on intent, Where have you heard of it. QP does not at this point prove anything of the kind sub-factions within religions. a generalization about the film, I, anyone or anything, There are many more people in my life that it would make much more sense for me to at least have a glancing thought of heart attack about who actually are at risk but they never crossed my mind., is who and what you will attract., I think that if WTBDWK seems as questionable and unrealistic as it does to E, anyways, really want to believe that they can change the world just by thinking about it

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