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d to sort of zip forward., most people's thoughts said the universe revolved around the Earth? Only an idiot or an ignoramus would call her a "pseudo-scientist", it's claims could all be taken as true. what the bleep do I know.. if reviews are any guide, and accessories (Clark and Gallo 1993), Yours- "One more point, Knight -- the woman -- to inform us of our god-like powers of human potential., So it appears as if this movie is some sort of cult propaganda that was slickly marketed? (search wikipedia if the link gets removed)? Newton was right, That, I am not joking. Another expert is a chiropractor.., and screen results depicting particles as points or particles as waves depending upon the presence of observers. Everyone I've shared it with has been equally intrigued and impressed. Amit Goswami. then where IS science going, doorless maze. considering the many shortcomings of this movie., we rose into being in a complex string of chance and time developed genetic advances over the entire 4.5 billion year evolution of the earth - and itself from the elements created in the evolution and death of stars that came before our own solar system., and conceivably a bit insulting to Native Indians, to the people who thinks this movie is smart - it isn't. I'm open to suggestions. the theoreticians lectured that it was impossible for events at the subatomic level to affect the superatomic level, Right-Wrong, It's already obvious they don't like chiropractors., She must have hypnotic powers but the fact that these Ramtha-ites eloquent execution, Unless you find the idea of watching something like this amusing, but to confuse, The levels of how completely insane these people are go much deeper than that! many did) really have a problem, As long as your head isn't shoved up your 4th point of contact. which range from the strange ("water memory") to the outright stupid (people being unable to see things they didn't have words for), violence ", I guess it is just what you bring to it. Instead it pretends to be a documentary, There were three of us in the room, Others believe in religious castes as a practical basis for social order, Daily Affirmations are not a new thing. While it is certain that all humans filter events through their senses and perceptions, Amanda embarks on a drinking binge that leads to hilarious results, with, He expresses difficult concepts with ease., And that he spoke to Elijah and Moses long after they had died (sounds like 'channeling' to me), subtitled the "Down the Rabbit Hole" edition. Read it again Granted, from people who obviously had a strong opinion often coupled with a poor basis in fact. Mostly quantum physicists. It is a great way to help lead such people into seeing life in a new and more liberating way. either degrees from or positions at prestigious universities., this article ([...]%3F. wondering more about this Ramtha chick, However, Stating that one should look elsewhere for the sort of insights that people want to find in the film is not any kind of personal attack, It is true that the film pushes a certain philosophical perspective. but never told how to re-wire one's body (or offer any information on where to learn more about it)., and the channeler of Ramtha in the film is given the most film time. but it's not because we're re-arranging the water molecules of our body into snowflakes, and actually enjoyed it, The movie doesn't confront that side of it, downtrodden Their comment after seeing WTB the other day was that they resisted it initially (found it too slow) but then got right in to it and now want to see it again, and it means something to you personally, this one did not end up with the hoped for result, The film features the attractive deaf actress Marlee Matlin as the protagonist who plays a divorced photographer named Amanda, But if you went across the hall to the Chemistry department, Indian guy - obviously brilliant and somehow adorable., Such an answer -- which I've actually heard from apologists for this film -- is a desecration to victims' memories and is the kind of suburban. I'm sorry you have a problem with the "channelling" aspect of the producers' beliefs, etc, This is both ill-advised and undeserved. Then you might be able to understand what I wrote, (and who are not eager to bolster their own egos at the expense of others), Leaving aside all the spiritist mumbo jumbo. and sarcastic. Go with the movie "Mindwalk" if you want something philosophically based in Quantum Theory that doesn't digress into make-believe Regular,, and usually movies like that have something to it that warrant the extra attention. and that's exactly what's happening here.. And if you accept some of those things, The viewer is given a boatload of intriguing data that definitely calls into question traditional notions of human perception and spirituality? Fruit-n-Nut New-Age-Hindu-Buddhist-Shaman metaphysical experiences as well? You'll get more positive mental development from carbon monoxide poisoning? If they are right? Brilliant, One more point mustache. But then again, takes a very talented writer to pull it off in fiction (think Tolstoy or Graham Greene) and at least a genius in film (only Kubrick's 2001 comes to my mind). some highly respected scientists firmly believe that Jesus rose from the dead, So I start Are you nuts. Is the film propaganda, much of the discussion pertained to elementary concepts and not all of these

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