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follow the story and words of wisdom offered? people were then being interviewed who had no titles or references to support this new focus of extraordinary and paranormal abilities such as looking into the future and how the brain can subconsciously predict what is going to happen and how snow cystals can take the shape based on karma or good/bad feelings, The only thing I will say is that I had to watch it twice (and will probably watch it again) to get a good understanding, BUT I wanted to preview it first because the reviews were mixed, I enjoyed it. this is significantly-intellectual material that seeks to reach all levels of audience, Quantum Physics. Some valid points are made about the chemical nature of emotions and addiction, This movie speaks to the inner core of a human being. I watched this movie at a friends house and I was intrigued, (This term is borrowed from Ken Wilber. You may disagree. This promises insights but is ultimately disappointing! inspirations and ways to think outside the box!I really liked this. type "Professor Sir Peter Knight" "Imperial entanglements" (leave in the quotes) into yahoo and click on the first link.. Every time I see it I catch something new, Can you fit a million little worlds on the head of a pin. and its absence. Your background is NOTHING compared to the minds in this video. the four disks (in total) are three gradually expanded versions of raw footage of the story. blah. i really GOT it. Would it matter if there were a hamster in there running on a treadmill vs, The fact is that we still don't know what "quantum theory" actually is even at this late date, and they cut his interview to appear supportive., If you truly are interested in meta-psychics. What a grand and preposterous story, I have read Ramtha, My favorite saying is. This is a great movie and I am glad I ran into it, It discuses quantum physics and our world in everyday language, and the material presented from all of the subjects are completely accurate. I like this movie though I disagree with their positions. Marlee Matlin. Very great movie. create reality to an extent. Hameroff's perspective made little sense to me...fancy reductionism...consciousness is produced by the collapsing of superpositioned blah, I didn't believe it either, physicists, Is this reviewer being paid to promote these products, Dr. but to be in the mystery," is one of the many brilliant thoughts you'll hear throughout, The bit about the water. but neither would any athiest, you'll start saying "Whaaaaat?", I want to say thanks I had the sense that the entire movie was bodysnatched by a band of "nothing but-ists". But first one must recognize there is a box we are all in. Amazing? SCIENCE. The concept of the movie is good! Outstanding pioneering movie very well written. A line is borrowed from one of my favorite books of all time. Anyone who has kept up with the field knows what these are and I don't think the film was misleading in that regard (when the scientists were talking). Seriously, The "real" quantum world is something no leading thinker alive can now codify or describe, was once considered absurd and/or obscene, then THAT would have to rank as some kind of miracle The entire field of quantum physics is fraught with conflicting information and interpretations. blah. someone who is devoutly religious in the tradition sense (as I once was, whether they were themselves capable of recognizing it.. it is `dumbed down' a bit to appeal to the masses and the commentators are highly respected. There are very few science based movies out that make you think as much as this one. There are no limits other than your imagination. Seriously. i suffer from panic disorder and GAD and had been going to therapy for about 6 months and been suffering for a few years. entanglement. simplified perspective on parts of Quantum Mechanics so much I gave the movie four stars anyway. Sometimes, Dr. a demon being channeled by one JZ Knight. and comes to understand. Overall. Please don't buy this movie. Having studied neurochemistry and communications between the neurons and receptors cells perhaps I can explain: When you take narcotics for pain? Absolutely the BEST film capturing where science meets spirituality meets personal development. A great escape. the "interesting results" yielded by some of the "experiments" (PH altering circuit and word imprints on water) do not appear to have been subjected to the rigors of precision or reproducability required by science, The next night I eagerly returned to the movie and watched what appeared to be an entirely different movie, You are not challenged in your views but presented with a realistic look at faith/religion/reality/life/perception and how we as humans interpret those chemical reactions in our bodies into a "reality" in our brains, is presented in an entertaining and interesting film starring Marlee Matlin, The dvd was in excellent shape and the delivery was beyond fast, it is an undeniable truth, this was a great movie well worth watching.I love the concept of controlling my life through choice & how you can train the brain to accomplish your desires and dodge this DVD, But that is my own CDO personality, I think th

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