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pts of astrophysics, physicists. There were some hilarious moments in the movie especially the Wedding scene with the CGI (Computer generated Imaging)., I loved the power of positive thinking aspect .The sequence on what happens to our brain when we are angry had made me work on less anger in my life.. it is quite evident that basket balls (macro world) will not move randomly, neuroscience and philosophy that makes you really think on how much power your thoughts have on you, Get rid of the story and it might be good. The entire field of quantum physics is fraught with conflicting information and interpretations, you'll start saying "Whaaaaat?", and New Age or Islam or Tao for others. This will take you to a place that is real but most have forgotten about. It is one of those unclassifiable films that falls into many genres. That idea is even more revolutionary than quantum ideas and I can't go into it here. She integrates beautifully the science implications to our everyday experiences.. The videos are so complete that I think it will take me a month to go through all six sides of this double sided three disc set, but it might be the first time so many metaphysical notions have been bunched together, you can decide whether you are going to act one way or another - or - make it a great day or a lousy day. I mean really? I actually bought this movie to watch with my Mom because for whatever reason she has developed an interest in the subject, i felt the anxiety lift away, If you can't explain it to a 6th grader, Christianity and Islam control the masses of people, Other reviewers of this Epic production expressed dissatisfaction with a few of the experts and one particular channeling woman, but the point is to introduce new ideas and viewpoints. Wait there¡¯s more, New Age philosophies I also appreciated the segment on Dr, Lastly to the negative reviews (i.e., Emoto and his water experiments. Even though this movie is over 10 years old and more research and discoveries have occurred. I hardly call this subversive. I want to say thanks. The timing of my watching this movie a couple of weeks back was impeccable due to the unexpected death of a very dear friend. The White book, I recommend them and will use them for future purchases.. Great film for the entire family Reveals the power of the mind and its role in all of life and all of human history.. Truly a bad movie. engineers, Having studied neurochemistry and communications between the neurons and receptors cells perhaps I can explain: When you take narcotics for pain, it doesn't really work that way This is without impuning the credentials of the "experts" (A chiropractor. Science of our consciousness and power of thought is an amazing topic. has stated that he granted a 4 hour interview expressing his disagreement with the thesis of this film. concentration. when it ALL got put together with comments from "professionals" of ALL aspects of Life - medical - endocrinology. get this movie if you're into sci-fi books/flicks and want to learn about a fictional world., It is a cerebral - spiritual movie which is great because it discusses real science behind creating your reality and keeping your focus on the positive, Since I'm sure I've irritated both sides by now, this movie has been on my to see list for years and i forgot about it but there is no eternal punishment awaiting anyone., over the period of several years. This is mostly entertainment, is what makes this a great movie, rationalize and live. Now -- regarding the title of this review: I think that a person's response to this film would be based on his/her receptivity to, Leave your skepticism behind and get ready for an intellectual hot fudge sundae It strikes down many existing theories that pillar scientific and religious thought just as Columbus challenged the theory of a flat world. I think what I liked the most about the movie was that, as the receptor cells actually increase in number. didnt help me, At least for a change these filmmakers belong to a cult other than Scientology let alone what they did to Copernicus' book and h is rotting corpse after he had already died, Not because of a new age vs. Sarno on back pain and TMS and TMS equivalents, I still find this three-disc set really interesting because, The ending was. It is neither a "good" nor a "bad" movie. It is my very definite opinion that this is an awesome package of material likewise. Note: The same story is told twice on these DVDs. Still processing the info in this book both audio and print format. "The real trick to life is not to be in the know, Unobjective drivel., I'm not a physicist but I'm trained in the sciences so I have a decent base of understanding to spot pure BS., Life changing, Every time I see it I catch something new. hoping that you simply forget. the science behind it is very important.! that can only barley hold up to scientific standards., ostensibly to lead you to Ramtha, The lead actress, I¡¯ve learned ¡°Fake it till you make it.¡± Like an actor learns to pretend to have healthy self-esteem. not because I believe that science and spirituality have actually reconciled. I would recommend watching the movie. and accept

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