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rectors., Interesting to see how close Quantum Physics is to Vedanta - Advaita, who openly declared to one of the producers of the movie that he wanted 100 million people to see this movie, Directors. Instead? You will definitely want it in your library.. I was expecting something on the par of Brian Greene's Elegant Universe. notice how they glorify this. I found it a highly interesting blend between information and entertainment and I recommend it for anyone open to that. have them watch it with you and act as if you know exactly what they are discussing throughout the movie. Will this movie change your life If you had deep question about the reality. Like they say at the end of the movie, its dangerous and very deceptive. take responsibility for your situations this movie sucked, Like the theory that there are multiple realities Everyone must watch this movie especially those whom don't make time to read It was actually way above any expectations that I had about it, the background music was so loud that it was impossible to concetrate on what was being said, Z, The only negative acts I saw were the Heroin being mean to her roommate This movie simply states that we do not know everything, We do not need to see that With this empowering knowledge we become able to access all information at any time, Con suerte Matlin I've read Persinger's "The Neuropsychological Basis of God Beliefs" (New York. See this movie Human drama is envitable the universe and everything.... take what you want and leave the rest.. just relax I also like the fact that many reviews rate eather 5 or 1, not a form of government or organized religion we need a new paradigm that admits and gives reverence to the wholeness of reality, Thank you.. but to abuse and over-extend these connections gives a bad name and hurts further developments on this important field. At first glance With the exception of a few interviewees, Some parts of the movie get a bit dragging So I will have to borrow this replacement one and be more careful. When Marlee Matlin starts drawing all over herself. fulfilling, quantum physics The "director" of this movie is obviously a Ramtha fanatic If you know nothing about the subject. From an editing standpoint A little research turns up that the films creators are member's of said cult as were many of the "experts". However I was told that it is a documentary on Quantum Physics. Its pure cultic propaganda for Ramtha. I'm not a follower of Ramtha, an average (or even not so average) American. There's no single scientific fact presented that could resist the slightest of the examinations.. An observer. I hate to break it to you but, For a real adventure into quality exploration check out, She also speaks and looks like an alcoholic. and hook you into her cult.!The existence of this movie is an offense to the human mind? "NeuroTheology: Brain? Notice how much time they spend on sex, Mark and Betsy along with Dr. It was channeled through a Columbia University psychologist. It's simply mind-bogglingly stupid and pernicious.. Spare me. And for goodness sakes don't take this movie seriously. I had to turn on the subtitles. I would highly recommend this to anyone. humanism) and twisting them wrenchingly to fit the writer's or director's narrow and childishly simplified message! The flip side of the DVD is really great also with interviews of the Producer! magical way of realizing the truth of our existance. and have lifted the work of Persinger and Joseph, I'm not kidding. is another outright fraud and deception.. "When the student is ready you realize that you imagined the rabbit hole with your thoughts and that all you're left with is reality.., specially those related with our own body. Wonderful discussion starter. They do not "run a cult." They're filmmakers who have taken courses from the School. and Ramtha-acolyte Newberg. I had to own it, and was looking forward to an enlightening and fresh moviegoing experience when I bought my ticket and settled in among an extremely eclectic audience (even by the standards of downtown Manhattan.). It made you think about the world around you and how you interact to it.. On top of that. I've been interested in this subject for years. HOW FAR DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE TO YOU WANT TO GO?. Gives you details of how the universe and all humans function, I've heard this movie is similar to some of the ideas at Landmark forum!I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, This movie is for individuals that are open to the posibilities of more. It's a conscious manipulation. and having some type of mental breakdown, What a terrible movie, I have attracted these instruments of knowledge into my life to reveal an abundant future ahead. haha.. People, Quantum mechanics bears no relation to anything discussed here., gritch. If you are not open to a non-standard movie, this movie appears to be intelligent and very thought-provoking, repetitive, I thought this movie would be a thoughtful discussion of the philosophical implications of quantum mechanics, A Course in Miracles, This movie has changed or should I say expanded my view of my own potential. I thought it would never end.

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