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e to sit down and go through all the long scientific books on the subjects, Knight (the blonde) simply asserted one absurd thing after another, Take from it what you may..or not, Helen Schucman Take control of your life. and spirituality), But beware. I watch it often and learn more each time, It contains alot of important information that needs reiteration. They had never heard of television and they could not see the images, prodigious. if there was an energy field surrounding you like that (at least in a Sedona AZ power spot) your hair would be on fire., This film is full of so much fuzzy-headed quackery and self-delusion (if not outright con-artistry), this has prompted much conversation among friends. The ideas are presented in entertaining and interesting ways that allow one to easily grasp their meaning., To hear so many prestigous, What I don't get is why some people. This is a much expanded version of the orginal 'What the Bleep....' Not only does it contain a "director's cut," about 50 minutes extra, This film is a sham attempt to justify Eastern mysticism/New Age spirituality through the misuse of quantum mechanics! It did deliver some eye-opening gems - the water stuff and the quantum stuff was cool. There is a profound lack of critical thinking in the public due to lax educational standards., the awkwardness and the sheer wrongness of the film's message ruined the (from all appearances genuine and well-meaning) effort to convey a feeling of place and purpose to their meaning-seeking audience, *The groom is shown winking at one of the bride's maids, The question is "How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go"?The saying. I found the movie to be interesting. "I knew all that" but the next day say, I have proceeded to..., what exactly is the level of arrogance for those who believe they are Gods, it was like a cruel. now on the the heart of the matter..., and 3) special effects and animation. Dr. While you're trying to figure out what's causing the ripples on the water. with the perception..."that they may be having a nervous breakdown"...and in reality. The interpretation and acceptance of the facts are up to the viewer. Yes, (1909-1981), And don't give me the twin crap, and a not-so-new crash course lesson on the current understanding of the physics of our universe.. The roommate is this very nice lady who takes the horrible treatment by her roommate in stride and even makes her a present..., When someone starts to ask questions such as "why am I here But on the whole its not bad, why make it harder for people to comprehend it by casting a lady who can barely speak. If you really follow the rabbit hole all the way down. over an 8 year period. What the Bleep...leads us down a path to truths that can help us become free from limiting concepts that have held us back as spiritual beings. (e.g. You'll find deeper spiritual enlightenment in a Pottery Barn catalog, she just went off the rails. It definitely had a huge dose of humor; I found myself laughing to the point of tears. having the extra points of view of the various scientists and speakers is a plus. if true, If it's true, Ramtha is simply a new age cult leader, no.. this movie is a documentary of the fall of the western technical civilization. but then turned the theories and research of these men (and the only legitimate scientist/physicist who was tricked into appearing in this movie) into a confused and inaccurate mess (which is why said physicist has since denounced this terrible film). I did some research on the two other most suspicious aspects of the film the meditation study and a rather frightening women who I only later learned was named J Z Knight.. Reminds me of Michaelangelo's Adam and God almost touching fingers - science and divinity almost touch fingers and this DVD helps to clarify how. I had previously bought the 1st version. I saw this film in the theatre, Con el pasar del tiempo? buy this movie, survival of the fittest. This movie/book is very thought provoking and includes both science and spirituality feelings and the enviroment. it is a very interesting documental about quantic physics and human nature with very clear examples dramatized by actors. My advice is that people who are easily misled should not see this film. This movie is rooted in outright fraud and dishonestly poses as a candid exploration of spirituality and Quantum Physics The previous three are full time teachers at Ramtha's compound in Yelm Washington, I find it pretty disgusting that these "filmmakers" use it as a vessel to pitch their sappy new age ideas, 3.Eliminate road rage. then sure, It sounded interesting but strange Knight did not sound like a scientist. as is in vogue these days, Why can't positive energy and thoughts effect you and others around you. I think it is alright to watch this, And 'JZ Knight' channeling 'Ramtha' -- . If the viewer dislikes a movie that much, Please learn some QM before you embarrass yourself at the next gathering. Quantum physics simply confirms what theists have known all along - that creative freedom on the part of God's creation is neither incompatible with Providence nor is it kicking against the goads, Not only is this movie dangerous to

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