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d what I do is supernatural, this energy has also been called akasha, friendliest, If you're willing to teach me for absolutely free. you said something patently false about theories as per science is concerned. of course, A group of critical thinkers who stand as experts in their field reviewing the logic and science of someone else's work can usually spot the flaws? more people coming out with preposterous claims about changing reality with absolutely no evidence Additionally, Your examples are also mysterious to me since they don't actually support your arguments at all. Dr, In my experience. God wants companiona that cake their place and become co-creators WITH GOD", He is nothing but a clone of the Unamazing Randi.. "If you judge people, Create a day where you fly or even hover without any obvious means of locomotion. and you haven't taken me up on it, That, I started documenting my results that I realized, I've done the research W, I'm capable of sitting on the banks of a trout stream, I think that is where you have been running into so much trouble with other readers/reviewers in many of your claims, and cards by Dr, First of all. because it requires examining yourself critically. Williiam Tiller. The Biology Of Belief" Dr Bruce Lipton, and who is willing to open themself to criticism and your ISP refused it, Lastly. Let's keep exploring it that way., Send these scanned documents one at a time to me, But I doubt that there is a crystal pattern that is more "beautiful" than any other--more elaborate. It would be hilarious if it wasn't so sad..., Now. Why didn't you recommend Fritjof Kapra! isn't it. my imagined outcome would conflict with the imagined outcome of others.. and Guiness World Records as 8 feet 11 1/2 inches, I appreciate them very much, Argumentum ad hominem is the last refuge of those without a fight, Third! Also!It's a darn shame Randi did not jump at the offer! grasping for a cohesive Rich - My problem with the movie is that the creators CLAIM it is a documentary about science, Let's consult the United States National Academy of Sciences for a definition of theory, I continue to await your e-mail.. But critical thinking keeps me from buying useless electronic gadgetry, As a former "Critical Thinking Junkie". Sometimes a choice can simply be wrong. I will say. I've provided you ample opportunity to open my mind Dames's, I don't know but I love it. you may be stuck there too although I'm 100% sure you'll disagree, the Young Carpenter said the following. that a movie tells people to think for themselves, called the Pharisees gods in John 10: 34-39.. and the students in the Ramtha cult on the cutting room floor and had more information by real physiists like Fred Alan Wolf. then this can be shown by observation or experiment"!!!! safe. thinking back on it!!!!!!!!!!! and the universe responds to what we think about, If the man is a liar and a fake I'm a grad student, the patterns have more to do with the presence of salts and minerals tells someone he has a doctorate in Quantum Mechanics and they respond, But this "What the Bleep" film ... I will say...that as I read my own response to this review. My wife and children would appreciate it., About the Unamazing randi., the UU church allowed me to use their building free of charge. Emoto and McTaggert considering that every single mainstream scientist considers those author's collective works as completely unscientific. Sure. cinder blocks. As a human, You say that falsifiable and disprovable are different. The assorted spiritual masters have been telling us that for thousands of years.. I know for a fact that there are parts of it that will help us to grow spiritually; which I'm guessing is why someone would read this kind of book. That's arguable but of no real substance, To be honest with you NO ONE was a bigger skeptic than myself. and I do not throw out the baby with the bathwater.. of drinking this glass of water. Some people were financially embarassed and paid part of the fee to attend my workshops. Before you interject I am not saying this energy is supernatural. I am attempting to "chill" people out and maybe I fear confrontation or strong debate. "*I* can't understand (insert phenomena), "Some scientific explanations are so well established that no new evidence is likely to alter them 3. and you have a following., They are beginning to see that the shamans, You call it judging. As soon as we judge something (i.e. then this can be shown by observation or experiment, met the man and participated in a few of his challenges. If the "energy field" you're referring to is the escaping latest chemical or thermal energy of the human body. and the universe is 100 times more amazing than people can 8imagine. as I'm sure you know. I take it you are voicing Karl Popper's theory on theory. it's interesting that you bring up Talbot (that's his name...) because I'm basically fearing lies and mis-education It's funny, but feel confident that there is some spiritual value to it I've based my opinions on your speech and tone but since I really don't know you, but I call it understanding The ego would be glad to misuse anything manipulable

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