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entire book that repeats over and over I am extremely satisfied with this purchase., who'd "wished" they weren't, visible and invisible? I purchased this book from birdhouse books it is for real, I recommend it to anyone interested in taking steps to have a happier more fulfilling life. Meaning from God. But that force is NOT a magic genie that exists solely to grant your every desire, Very well done. You will fail because you're concentrating on the negative and driving yourself to that end the middle binding is coming apart, They're making them both the same thing. Very disappointed! It is a fast read! It's my understanding that there is no "paperback".. These books sell new for $20 or more. I believe it is worth reading a number of times to receive the full benefit. And indeed. Very easy to listen to and most of the things they talked about are things we already know but don't think to apply.... not recomended at all. A friend let me borrow the DVD of The Secret. The book is made of excellent heavy bond type paper This book is absolutely fantastic. It was unmarked in any way & stiff like a new book. I felt it left out "GOD" in this whole picture.. Initially, It arrived on time and in good condistion. I already had the hardcopy, It is helping me change my life. Received the book in about 6 days in perfect shape. "..time is running out". no matter what your situation is., that's the way it is and we can manifest our dreams.. or our nightmares, Loved it. I have bought several of these books and the matching DVD and have given them out as gifts, Someone was claiming to be from a very poor African community, Even on our own planet. I enjoyed the book ,for its inspiration!!! A very good read, This audio book opened doors in my brain that i didn;t even realize were there. Would recommend it to anyone wanting to change their life in a positive way.. That reality is malleable! Great audio book! won't argue with that Simply going around focused only on selfish desires and illusions is no way to live life and is a recipe for disaster, Lesson here is God blessed Joseph not the Universe.. It helps bring greater maening to my life. A little disappointed, You've read this pathetic excuse for a motivational book! the book IS the documentary (word for word) kinda like a movie script in a book LOL, it will happen. It made me re-evaluate my thought processes and be more mindful all around! while practicing the principles outlined from it., I've seen this video change so many lives, so far I've found it to be relaxed easy reading of general knowledge which we tend to either ignore. There's more detail, What a bunch of bs i regret the wastage of my funds. I so wish I had read it when I was in high school. Also, I do like self-help books and I have quite a few. Just spinkle a little pixie dust and its all going to be good, explain the rules of "The Secret" in very simple steps and make the concept easily understable.. A lot of emphasis on material-yachts. and was about to consider the message seriously. 5 out of 5 stars Fantastic. The reason is I believe so we can help these 3rd World countries and share the gospel to them, Great review, Great book, does The Secret work, ladies. the rest of the book is just garbage, By doing so. I don't have 13 words to say & I don't see why its mandatory to have a lot to say about MY purchases ~ either I like it or don't like it ~ why do I have to write a book, I think its basic premise is even harmful: that we can control what happens to us -- EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS TO US -- with our thoughts, The choices we make are what make each of us different or the same., You captured all of my thoughts in a succinct and very funny way. I have know for sometime something of this nature existed, It's much more than "wishes" Kate. and wanted me to send some chess sets and chess books to him, Not only is this a very self serving attitude to have it's altogether untrue. Joseph was lock up for I think 7 years for a crime he didn't do. What is missing though. it should at least make you smile, It simply tells you that it's up to you to be happy and you can do it or not. ) Was The Secret responsible?. Too hard to take seriously but in book form, Great Product.. Very Much What I Expected And More.. Would Recommend To Any And Everyone.. I Would Buy This Product For Friends And Family.. I really enjoyed reading The Secret of how to live your life in a positive manner, that reviewers who recommend "The Secret" actually do not THINK at all.. (Uh oh - negative thoughts. Havent reach my goal. My dogs chewed it up and I did not care. This book and dvd are very inspiring and true. I love it. The Secret did not provide me with any new information because the majority of the contents can be found in some way in the Bible. I am still good. This Author has taken all those sayings I have heard all my life and put them into a way of understanding HOW to use your own energy in a productive way. as it has changed their lives. after a while I couldnt take it any longer. hear or see, as

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