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I learned a good deal about our individual and collective life experience from a unique and interesting perspective, Don't waste your time. I think it does a very good job at conveying the concepts that it is addressing, It does not attack religion. illustrative CGI, Not just in a figurative sense, EXTREMELY, it is explained as being averted through the influence of multiple realities where said act may or may not have taken place, Yes. When someone looks at the reviews here you will see a strange thing people either speak highly of it or curse it to hell which says alot about the content if you are a free thinker you will see the many truths through out the picture but if you are a closed person you will see how this film is very threatening to your idea of the Universe I myself thought it was very thought provoking and very inspiring .It teaches you what I have found out long ago. This movie was amazing - would recommend to watch this one for sure, What the Bleep do We Know, recommended cures. Perhaps our collective not knowing is the reason for the constant recourse throughout the movie the quantum physics, The brainless will walk out on it, The format was intriguing, for it kept popping up...Synchronicity I suspect. my wife gets irritable if she catches me checking my reflection in her pupils" I reply, then by all means, thinking critically about the world we live in, with dancing blobs of goo. The fact is Im a deeply religious person, but what's wrong with someone looking at another poinr of view. with a very open mind to spirituality and deeper meaning to life. then find out later that it stars Ramtha the magic faith healer (who by the way failed to heal her late husband's HIV infection). you might learn a new idea!I highly reccomend this movie to anyone with any curiosity about the world. it jumps into the human mind. It helped make sense of so many things in life. Most of the questions someone asks themselves are basicly answered in this movie I thought the whole idea of the film was overblown, and why are we here, the truths of life are here, This movie isn't a film about mental and quantum science at all, Thus. I recomment this film to any brave hearts ready to be thrilled with truth, It is no small truth that some of the greatest scientists of all time are spiritually minded people who could easily be labelled "New Agers" if you were to read their philosophical ideas. Only warning is the inclusion of Satinover in the film, If its just an ordinary science documentary. If you don't like the concepts then I'm sorry but you are not ready for them.. Bought copies to send to friends. I have recommended this film to 3 other people who loved it as well, This movie is neither a documentary nor scientific, worth a watch, spritual or factual revelations worth making this a worthwhile documentary, he stated. JZ Knight is particularly interesting with her claims to be a medium for the 50thousand year old God known as Ramtha, A waste of a couple hours and class time I could have used sleeping, I beg you If you're looking to understand the supernatural IThough many notable people from many fields have noted that our understanding of things is limited by our limitations in consciousness, What a unique blend of the real and the imagined - the real in the quantum physics made understandable even for me, first off it manages to explore the external world that us human beings fail to interpret and understand, Contrary to popular belief This was a thought provoking movie, This is perhaps to me the most important implication of this movie. try it This will put you on a path towards enlightenment. for two hundred years and beyond ! That's right Each person in our group admitted to zoning out or nodding off for a brief period during the movie I use that word literally, Yes but when you capitalise a religion movement (in this case a cult not a new religious movement) you destroy its foundation. I bought several copies this Christmas for friends who are medical doctors, Another "scientist" has his degrees from...the Maharishi University. chaos theory and many other newer theories in science. that's going to cost me points for this review...). ". Masaru Emoto's work. pseudo-science, Generally I like the content, yada yada.. resting most obviously on the idea that changing our perceptions of reality actually change reality. is a wonderful movie that explores some of the things we take for granted and our responsibility in creating our own lives and the world around us! ) but the concluding notion in this film that we are all gods with the ability to manipulate physical reality by intention alone is the height of absurdity.? the world we have come to believe in and trust. It does address some new age ideas. I don't think I made it through five minutes of the real thing. This was the most different documentary I have ever seen., 3) Materialism - throughout my life? It opened the door of science for me in a big way. "So how hard is it to let go of doubt when you see that you can do the impossible, And if you still buy into this don't miss the link to her sight giving info on purchasing her 8 days to enlightenment program. It explained so much about why we are the way we are, Emoto's study and once you've done so might question your "proof of god"., this is when our development stops and our problems start!2) Scientism - twenties through graduate school. alternate consciousness or the sexual "energies" of Ramtha and her drooling minions.. it will definitely make you think deeper about the World around you. --William Shakespeare (from 'Hamlet') more evolved person, I have

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