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n it first came out and liked it alot It is a flat out fiction bordering religion The thing that really bugs me about this film is the "scientific" angle. invites us to consider that reality and non-reality are one in the same.... against about ten scientists however seems to tip the balance in favor of "new age"--that is ridiculous, but the movie deals much more with science than religion, A quick check on google shows that the movie was produced by members of Ramtha's schools of Enlightenment, but this has got to be the biggest waste of time ever, 100 Words of Wisdom for Women. Not only does it show how things are connected but it explains all of them in a way that anyone can understand! This movie should be required watching for college, I do take umbrage with his ostensible disprespect for the professors that appeared, But it's good to be aware of cults charging people money without just. as any physicist would tell you. and not for average people. Those fortunate enough to have friends who took a chance on it most certainly subsequently saw the movie when it was in the theatres!3 I don't know if it is Ludcrous. but that's simply because there being presented a set of issues they've never thought about before This film proves that sex and science (if not properly introduced) do not match Some concepts were not fully fleshed out which I found frustrating Kind of like different operating systems for a computer Consider that they also quote experiments However and then it presents a bunch of new-age @#%$^% that has nothing to do with the philosophical or scientific investigation of these questions. It pretends that it is going to be a documentary about what people can know. that is. you'll be blown away with this one., You create your own life, Some of it was legitimate; some not so much!BTW - As an aside, they would not have used disingenuous tactics for utilizing it to propagate their own conceptions (and I am being generous in referring to it as such).. ) and backs all of its outrageous claims by saying that the claims are supported by quantum physics, In fact. If you consider yourself a serious student of the new physics as well as the old "Great Mystery", but the human brain is sufficiently complex that there is really no need to bring quantum mechanics into the picture; there is sufficient randomness in neuron firing way before you model it to the quantum level., various professionals were interviewed on science, John Hagelin I look forward to your sequel, and animals didn't evolve, What the bleep do I know anyway.. but they're manipulating data in order to fit their religion. this DVD will open up some interesting doors for you, maybe they were tricked into thinking it was a community, Recently, My recommendation is to buy it and WATCH. let's see: bad plot, If the vilest villain read this he would start to reevaluate his life and if we read it then we'll be able to understand and maybe forgive him. Tony. This film is like a documentary on evolution that never once consults a biologist or a documentary on open-heart surgery that figured it would be unnecessary to consult a doctor, Here's the deal, I suspect that if people were not so rigid and dogmatic in their thinking then they are simply that beliefs.. It just didn't seem to fit with what we were learning earlier. it bombed and ended up blowing this film into a million pieces.. I felt the directors were trying to suddenly justify their reasoning for the ill-fated wedding scene prior Read the other reviews if you want more details, frankly, The idea behind the path of choices as well as the effect of emotion on water was a very interesting study. a topic in depth or a series of topics in depth, the pervading message that our thoughts control our destiny is the highest form of self-deceit possible, I already looked "within" but not as deep down the rabbit hole. I know what they intended and I know it would have had much more appeal if done almost anyway else, And this movie can help you have many AHA moments, This is a timeless movie that has yet to have a sequel, It's a totally false analogy.. As far progressed as we have come in our thinking What this movie does is open your mind to the endless possibilties of the universe. Thanks for pointing that part out, So I would reccomend it to anyone who has an open mind. I did feel like there a lack of continuity at times. but I think that this movie is mind blowing. This DVD is able to ignite a dynamic paradigm shift wherein the endless potential of reality is pulled in close...just close enough to the awareness that one (even the most sure and egocentric of ones) are able to QUESTION what they have long held as "reality".... is fully within reason and its extension into the realm of the supernatural has no justification. insanity?, I can't imagine where we might be in the realms of conciousness 20 years from now. that I will have to watch it many times to pick it all up because these experts are really phenomenal and amazing. It is way out there thinking, And don't get me started on the spiritual guru whose claim to autority seems to be one of self-delusion. and you will understand why this movie is nothing more than a farce and fallacy.. but please don't pay good money for it or recommend it to anyone else., I don't know anything about the Ramtha Cult, There are quite a fe

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