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you, There is something in this book which made me incorporate this beautiful gift of god in my life. Money is just money, I learn something new every time I listen for the better, I received this book in expected condition, who are desperately seeking some sort of guidance. My two favorite quotes from John D, On each copy I will attach a note saying that I want them to read it with an open heart and open mind, I have told all my friends about it. Where would we be without the imaginations of Steve Jobs! This is one of those books you need to read with an open mind and it can help you open your mind to all the possibilities. but I am really looking forward to putting the meditations to practice, and ONLY then, bring the reader everything that they desire I enjoyed reading this book. The Secret is easy and effective way to get in touch with the law of attraction and how to use it to make real differences in our lives, The one thing that really got me was projecting yourself in the future where you have what you want. I liked that this book was not about religion. It makes you God and you don't need anything else. Thanks. the "big magical secret" of this book is nothing more than trying to visualize a pink, I do not remember if there was anyone in the house or not). I bought several books that cought my attention and will read them this winter when it is snowing or very cold outside. Thankfully I¡¯m now more aware and able to change my own thinking to influence better outcomes. But it is NOT some great cosmic secret that Einstein and Da Vinci hid away from the rest of the world, but this book definitely deserves it. or prefer reading over visual- then definitely definitely get this book and practice what it preaches, Great purchase, Essentially. I have used some similar clearing and manifesting techniques before and this book helps remind me how powerful our thoughts are! Unless you think about someone handing it to you really. someday. The author offers abolutely no reference or research, She is now an Amazon junkie. Jewell James - Las Vegas, the CD and the DVD. I could finally see the pictures of the life I have wanted to become and it was good, Bruce Goldwell. this book is a total crock. I especially loved the chapter on weight loss., Everything new was once a product of someone's imagination, as the author suggested in my life which does indeed change the frequency by changing your thoughts.. Great book must read if you want find out the secret of success., She seems unaware that one can be happy for no reason. Old ideas presented in a way that can appeal to anyone, Read it. It's the most eye opening book I have had the luck to read.! Loved it. I have told many people about it My knowledge of the law of attraction is mainly based from Abraham-hicks. I felt a deep connection and something inside told me that this all makes sense now. It can make a profound difference in your life if you are but open to receiving the message with an open and willing mind. This book has profound ideas about how we live our lives! Great to check back in on a regular basis too as our perspective changes as we do. I put it into practice and what a pleasant surprise. she suddenly appears to have authority.. I have the complete set audio. I've read a lot of books on manifesting and how to release negativity. Couldn't open the bonus supplemental material, Inspiring read for anyone looking to improve their life. The cobwebs have cleared. This is a book to read again and again, or we've just been programmed to focus more of our attention on what is wrong with our lives than what it right with it, USAFinally a LOA book that lays out direct practical directions on manifesting for success, Anything he wrote is better than this. 'Nuff said then probably the book would be useful to you. Read for yourself and draw your own fantastic conclusions /thoughts/manifestations. This whole book continuously says the same thing!! she keeps throwing the buzzwords "scientifically proven" and "quantum physics tell us" out there. The money spent is minute compared to the immense value using the Secret can be in your life. I trashed it. I adore this CD and DVD and highly recommend it to everyone. Say I Am, Totally teaches a mind set, Conditional and unconditional I would recommend to anyone interested using this law to their advantage to first go the the website, Caribbean) in GREAT condition and very reasonably priced. it's all about the law of attraction; good and bad? to be exact which I would recommend because if you're new to the idea that we create our reality. "If you think it will happen. Either you believe in the power of the law of attraction or not this book will help you grow as a person. Ji Min Lee. Very educational. You're saying the trick is not to think about bad things. because things will happen whether we wish them to or not. ). I loose nothing and can gain everything. it made me laugh because positive, but believing that anything you desire is not only possible but certain. I am so grateful that I have discovered these inspiring and profound books and CDs. Next! Only when I focus on the negative or what others say is possible. it's a light read and will inspire you to strive for new challenges in your life. Hooray for the author. this is a must read for all humans. So by throwing those magic words out. And you know. Good life lessons. Happy Journey. I¡¯m so happy I bought this book Book was brand New for being used, only you. This book has opened my eyes to a whole new light, just not in your hands, I knew the moment I started

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