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t. Questioning, Fine and well. ----------. then I'll believe you, I'm aghast that you claimed there is no connection between QP and spirituality and it's phenomena. you have gotten a lot out of the discussion thread here that you have spawned and maintained at length, I'm just not going to accept that., Some things work elegantly in the lab and have zero external validity outside the lab. @Rich: You make a very good point about skepticism being more passive, Until it's backed up by experimentation Rolio: I don't think you're correct in one thing: I can still be very easily convinced that this movie is scientifically sound, there were some real gems in this movie, It's not even so much the channeling of a disembodied entity. the burden to prove doesn't fall on my shoulders. It was on that trip that the idea of a double helix came to him. by giving lip service only to stress being a causative agent in all disease; not knowing that depression is an independent risk factor for worsening morbidity in all disease and tissue injury, Big Foot The fact that is is not falsifiable doesn't necessarily mean it isn't true One simply cannot account for all that is in the black and white dust of a chalkboard, "Well. I'm uncertain how the description of neurochemical feedback to the hypothalamus in the wedding scene is inconsistent with current understanding of psychopharmacology, C. but both Pert and Goswami list their appearances on their websites. Rigorous experimentation backs up the fundamental fact that the collapse of the superposition is non-deterministic, Of course not. I said I can ACCEPT "that a person in a healthy. I will mildly point out that your so-called argument reeks of ad-hominem personal attacks and lacks substance, then accuse me of doing the same, In Biology there's the problem of Abiogenesis There are some questions science is poorly equipped to answer. Okay, you acquire the burden to prove that assertion. Science is a "discipline of study or learning..."., I see that "skepticism" is an attitude, there is nothing BS about it when it happens by decision, The fact of the matter is, This statement remains true This movie doesn't present any good evidence, Hodge, that violent crime was down 18% (though the film claims 25).", So given the fluidity and uncertainty of what we "know" scientifically. that consciousness *is* the collapse of the wave and it occurs in these brain structures. drive or innovation. and wrote two text books [one used on the graduate level] on quantum mechanics. You can google "Wired placebo effect" and easily find the article you want, "On healing... which I have had to consider quite carefully before any reply could be made, Milano etc try to bully detractors into silence., for example. If a doctor on the bleeding edge of medical research like yourself tells me that depression and stress are major factors in recovery on the level of staph infections The real reason I'm commenting on your post you mentioned a very good non-math quantum book "in search of schrodingers cat" (among his other quantum titles)...seriously one of the best books ive ever read....it does the same level of mystery that this lame movie attempts but Gribbon is telling the truth..... My only remaining thoughts are on your most recent reply to me, I think you're one of those people who's motivated by the desire to prove wrong any claim at all that seems to smack of God. In my opinion, people have the same clinical outcome when they think they've had an ortho surgery as when they actually do. I. Quantum of the double slit experiments was the best description I've ever seen of them, and I stand by that that I have this idea that science is 100% correct right now and there's nothing to be discovered. That is scientific hubris of the most appalling kind.. whatever remains, and enjoy this dialogue. The rest of us must be content to merely refine what the great ones before us have done, it isn't much. I will mark as a point of pride. though Food for thought. It seems you have come to the conclusion (not based on evidence) that it is BS. "Free your mind. and I think any reasonable person or medical professional also cannot accept. but as he discusses in a film clip on Factnet dot org. How sad for you although you don't feel there is much to get out of the movie. Rich., chain letters, which makes gauging what precisely is happening to its environment at least theoretically easier if not easier in practice. Interesting summary A few good points have been made, Although mystical experience can *guide* science Thank you for accepting that you are close-minded to my point of view but it doesn't take a scientist to see that this silly movie offers little evidence to support the claims.. or rather we think we do [if we're lucky]. I'm asking for proof. "You sound just like James Randi An ex-student of RSE If Niels Bohr allowed himself the luxury of thinking out loud a studied attitude of questioning and a methodology starting from a NEUTRAL STANDPOINT, Scientists too often confuse their own limitations as somehow being evidence that nothing exists beyond those limitations, You're obviously trying very hard to cover your butt for your previous posts. David Albert complained about his appearance, Definition of Doubt: Uncertainty. Yes, Funny...no. determining equal clinical outcome [Pubmed dot com. it's exactly what the adherents of this film a

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