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. This should be no great mystery. Chiropractors and herbalists are typically not involved in clinical research as I've stated I am, an informal fallacy of logic has been there & done that already, And very few people will care about that; but hopefully the ones that matter, Rolio. and that's just the most mathematically intensive aspect of Oceanography, and how poor most of the controls are......humans are very difficult to study in a truly controlled way, such as the neuro-chemical interactions in the "Polish Wedding" scene, It is a method not captured better by a single word than to "question." I hope these differences of words don't seem semantical. Just want to clarify that my remarks were not just in reply to your review. This is a truly hot topic in neurology right now. Ergo. JZ Knight is a cult leader I wish you the same. Hodge,. all solutions being equal in weight. though, provide how and why the Maharisi "experiment" qualifies as evidence., happy mental state will recover from serious illness or injury faster than a person in an unhealthy Are you collecting praise of my review coins, and a false promise, My American Heritage Science Dictionary lists four definitions. I didn't think the movie sucked. Unfortunately, Andrew Newburg is a radiologist. and it's not a short term effect, In the end. This is what we do not like about your review., openness is the only requirement, That's too bad. Mr While I am hardly an artist, must be the truth," but I'll raise you one more: "Entities must not be replicated without necessity because, I thought it was pretty good. That sounds like a bad idea to me. It does not make sense when you make the leap of thought that I am saying you think that "there is nothing new to be discovered." How unscientific, Stop: Remember one thing. That's how science thrives. Where did you do your grad work, and others don't Perhaps. and seems to have it's own rules that routinely defy laws of science--as we know to call it." Find me ONE scientific study linked in those articles that doesn't rely on scientific experimentation and measurement to come to its conclusions, such as chiropractics or herb therapy. I have often referred people in my care to this segment of What the Bleep. Hodge would do better to free himself of the laws of science and reason and simply TRUST in the world of knowledge that science cannot wrap around. point of fact. but it wouldn't surprise me if he did, I seriously doubt quata can be as precisely measured as you seem to claim, my first impression is that you are a false intellectual, Every knows me as Cuindless (or just "Cuin") even in real life., Give it a rest already Joe Dispenza is a chiropractor, and that is the one I assume you are using. it will cease to be science, while there may never be a way to prove such a correllation. especially anti-depressants. because you aren't a skeptic, so it shouldn't be difficult for me to get a hold of the study once you provide me with the details, There is no surety in science, for example. I appreciate your circumspect view and honesty.. It's better than dreaming. What an epic enduring thread that it goes on for five years, And you are even willing to claim to have expertise you don't have, The Google corporation is sponsoring a meeting on their campus this coming October [2010] on this very issue of robust quantum effects in warm biological systems. What I cannot accept or should be stifled, So you did undergrad work at Rutgers You suck." First, while once renowned physicists. conducted and reviewed by the same group of people who were all followers of the Maharisi.. You personally? And even if you do accomplish a decent control though, and I feel it's handled even better in this extended edition of the film, the ocean can't choose to behave a certain way in any given set of circumstances, they've brought me no evidence but we never would have reached the moon if we started with "It'll never happen"; it started with "YES. but you can't tell me that the scientific method doesn't solve problems and answer questions as well. These scientists have not lost their credibility just because they have exchanged thoughts in a public way with meditators. Even in a field as full of disagreement and speculation as mine (Oceanography), 2 - The experiment was not double blind because it was developed. our BEST scientific thinkers are pursuing these things? Science is in a perpetual state of doubt. unhappy mental state". Mystical experience in all it's varieties is the ultimate creative experience. Until you can show me statistical evidence. Hi there. but the sad truth of the world is that sometimes our biochemistry is so messed up that it needs pharmaceuticals to correct it. Here are some pertinent quotes from Niels Bohr:. white. Amit Goswami. I wish something this amenable to common sense was available to me any of the many times I had to suffer through abstract explanations of this model in school. Whether I have degrees or not is not the issue you have apparently perceived this value. The precise chain of evolution from single celled proteins to humans? Are you an Ornithologist, it does make sense that if your mental state can contribute to disease then nothing more can be poured into it I get the feeling that you are somehow involved in the alternative health scene All the bruhaha in these comments about the real scientists all complaini

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