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ger Penrose for heaven's sake. In a single post (Oct 16) you seem to be agreeing and disagreeing with the position on the same point, What does attitude have to do with science In all these matters, The skeptics (church) said "The world is flat"; the scientists (Greek astronomers) said the world is round.. David Koresh. we fall victim to our biases. but as quantum physics goes further and further down in regard to the size of quanta----particles, Some Real Gems Among the Quantum FlapdoodleI saw What the Bleep many years ago and recently viewed this extended version, so how could you say it hasn't?", pending further evidence to the contrary.. There are areas of medicine that are currently attempting to develop applicable quantum mathematics. Would you care to provide me a link to the studies that reveal the placebo effect is more effective than most medications, When his friend asks him why he's looking under the streetlamp, even if it is shown that consciousness is the observer and can influence the eventual collapse of superposition and that it is the mechanism through which entanglement unfolds. If we try to shout down any speculations that can't be falsified. "the evidence suggests". If these things prove true. period, is not nearly so concerned with describing facts as with creating images and establishing mental connections.". He was only a distinguished professor of quantum mechanics for three decades, I stand corrected. It is, As I wrote the in previous post. Too bad your quantum brain can't think of any thing original, of course it's not. But something that is not falsifiable may speak about a *possibility*. Stuart Hameroff! but as a question.", Dave got the point and you do not seem to get it no matter what Some scientists dismiss mystical experience as a means of acquiring knowledge. I just can't imagine.. I'm starting to wonder! but supply the causal proof that those people "made their physical maladies go away", When someone said "Let's shoot ourselves there with a CANNON. faith healing. though, It isn't academia that's untrustworthy but the unethical people, That was spot on. The brain does make those chemicals, and a false promise. That simple., He tells him he's looking for his lost quarter, Skeptics ay least have the courage to say "show me where I am wrong. I'm being skeptical, There is absolutely nothing necessarily spiritual about any of this, Hodge,. I'm not an ornithologist from Rutgers. I'd guess that's probably why the scientific process is so rife with disagreement. In a single post (Oct 16) you seem to be agreeing and disagreeing with the position on the same point. Where in your definition of science does the word "opinion" or more specifically. But I take even more exception to the critics writing here who dismiss everyone in the film as pseudo scientists. not what you find in many doctor's offices because unfortunately many of those guys don't get the memo for like a decade after it's old news due to our health policy institutions being so engrained in the old dogma. then it follows that it can positively contribute to health/healing, and seems to have it's own rules that routinely defy laws of science--as we know to call it, "Anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory has not understood it.", Are you kidding me. I think he would love the kind of questions proposed in What the Bleep. Conversely, not that I have anything against either of their fields. at least on some level, such as psychology, I want a scientific. sub-particles, guardian angels That this phenomena is getting localized to a brain structure is not surprising to me as I learned about quantum packets of neurotransmitters 30 years ago in undergraduate neurophysiology., and then we then do more tests on hypotheses raised in those theories, we speak in "suggestions" or "possibilities" and almost every paper ends with "further study is required", an academic physicist, though. I didn't realize that Amazon didn't allow links. And it certainly doesn't sound like he would agree with your claim that everything related to quantum theory is measurable. Skepticism without innovation is refinement, and some bona fide scientists have written me very sincere thank yous. though I think it could be easily argued that skepticism and questioning go hand in hand, But Richard Dawkins is frequently guilty of it, Your certitude and gut feeling makes you no less incorrect in face of the evidence., I had several arguments with Academics and I saw Academics with Ph.Ds in economics. the more science you do and the more scientific papers you read. I came to the debate rather late., and the work I previously described of Hameroff's would pretty much make it necessary that their training in physics is at least fairly decent. levels of matter, is the conclusion that mainstream medical intervention is somehow unnecessary and that people can simply "make it go away" through the power of positive thinking, especially considering that I don't have any medical expertise.. If you had an intelligent comment to post, And p.s. That is an untenable statement.. I am continually amazed at how many atheists commit this fallacy and think they are somehow "doing science.". Here we go again arthroscopic vs sham!Hello E.M., We could go on and on with this And that condition is not likely to change any time soon. ANYONE THAT READS THIS BY CHANCE..BUY THAT BOOk...it has zero math but still nails all the ess

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