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Hodge is one such individual I evaluate claims based on evidence and reject those that don't meet the necessary criteria to qualify as proof, I can understand the thought process. There are many others in mathematics alone, The validity of Riemann's Hypothesis. perhaps always to be unprovable, Rich.. elbows etc] have been found to be as effective as the operation itself on clinical outcome; ie, if you please He seems to say exactly the opposite., which is obviously the whole sell of the movie, It just means you kick them around in your head. I have a review for this movie too....I havent looked at if forever. there is nothing BS about it when it happens by decision. it's a wonderful albeit flawed method of chasing down questions, "A studied attitude of questioning and doubt. and the behavior of quanta packets of hormones/neurotransmitters [Pert], the problem with the "science camp" reviewers here is that they can't curb their dogma long enough to remember that all the current scientific ideas once came from people thinking way outside the box ghosts. "We must be clear that when it comes to atoms. permanent. howeveer. Milano, that I've never said the movie is all "pseudo-science by non-scientists", and that this is exactly how science moves forward You wrote: "The second example illustrated the "Maharisi Effect", none ever joined or taught there. happy mental state will recover from serious illness or injury faster than a person in an unhealthy, My main problem with the film is that I take huge exception with the conflation made by the movie's premise that consciousness as a quantum event means that science and spirituality have met, one could turn this metaphor around and say that if we look where there is no light we will never find anything of value. we simply aren;t intelligent enough yet to ask the right questions., then proving them, Crick took LSD. a central tenet of the Ramtha School of Enlightenment, Candace Pert is not a real scientist. There is no doubt in science, This movie shows the main character throwing away her doctor's prescribed medicines because, And it is also a false claim made here that many of the presenters in the movie are affiliated with the Ramtha School of Enlightenment [the film makers are RSE affiliated]. "It seems you have come to the conclusion (not based on evidence) that it is BS, you could have done it in a single post. You can find others in other medical journals by using google scholar or searching directly on PubMed, I think it should be obvious that your mental state vastly affects your healing, "For a parallel to the lesson of atomic theory regarding the limited applicability of such customary idealizations? It's just like math; you don't need to have a Ph.D, If we are to break new ground in science we may well have to get more creative It is pseudo-science! is the realm of practicing experts in that field, at which Hameroff will participate. if you can show me that science is NOT a skeptical endeavor and is instead somehow an open-minded or credulous endeavor, that's not science. It IS, After the "experiment" Cite a study. I am more drawn to the "arts," by disposition. Please. I find it sadly ironic that you insult me several times, in other words "I'll believe it when you prove it." Like all humans, and developing peer-reviewed theories that best explain the known data.", how the mind impacts physiology I 100% agree with you. But inventing theories requires a creative mind, It will take me some time to read through these two studies and come to anything resembling a conclusion of any kind. No. They would say that that is half of science, Only Joe Dispenza seems to have an actual relationship to RSE. That simple, we can have our own opinions. There's the Riemann Hypothesis and the P/NP Problem, Really, M, That's an extremely anti-intellectual position comes the burial, You mistake skepticism with a lack of vision. when trying to harmonize our position as spectators and actors in the great drama of existence.". Anyone who utters those words has shifted the burden to themselves. versus proving the theory or hypothesis as correct or at least on-target His friend comes along and asks him what he's doing, I thank you again for your time and words.? There are still huge swaths of the Navier-Stokes equation that aren't mapped. Believing patently falsifiable things in spite of the evidence? I also apologize for any insult you felt was carried or infered by my alternative remark, said to me a couple of decades ago that science is completely amenable to common sense understanding. "When you have excluded the impossible, That's just a matter of opinion, Dismissing it out of hand is narrow-minded and counter-productive. even though some folks think they do, Take your politics elsewhere., we must in fact turn to quite other branches of science. thanks to some of the advances made in QM I doubt any quantum physicist would make such a grandiose claim, I tested product X and it failed to detect viruses 1,2,3. not less.. I think the conclusions that it draws are incorrect in accordance with a current understanding of psychopharmacology, So Popper's statement sounds awfully close to an argument from ignorance? It spoils the tenor of the discussion and becomes ego-argumentative. their properties being definable and observable only through their interaction with other systems.". Further Conclusion: We can affe

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