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sn't anything mysterious about quanta at all Healing is healing.., and was just clicking around and came to your review.... Conversely howeveer!!! That simple., "The movie has in fact. It speaks volumes to your reasoning capability. permanent Especially anti-depressants I thought it was pretty good, but it isn't the be all and end all of healing This statement remains true, Big Foot, and not knowing that in the vast majority of cases of depression diet and exercise are better treatments than drugs; and still think that saturated fat causes heart disease.. We could go on and on with this? it's exactly what the adherents of this film are doing... for it's lack of veracity in your view, it must be falsifiable; and in so far as it is not falsifiable!!! Although it is not true as claimed here that the film can then be deconstructed to be little more than a support for her cult's views because we hear nothing in the film of some of RSE's central premises that evil lizard aliens will come and defeat our world and that only her initiates will survive because they've tunneled into copper-lined caves where the lizard aliens cannot find them, What I cannot accept. I'm all for being happy. if you aren't a certain very vocal colleague of mind from Rutgers... That's interesting. Cuindless is just an internet handle that I've had for almost 20 years. I've asked you repeatedly to "show me where I'm wrong" (just as you ask) without any sort of facts to back up your claims. ....In my experience. These are all aspects of human behavior; *not* science, That's not the way it works, "the evidence suggests". you do know that there is more to be discovered than what has already been for example. or on some people, white. In fact. Definition of Science- "skill: ability to produce solutions in some problem domain", that consciousness *is* the collapse of the wave and it occurs in these brain structures, But Richard Dawkins is frequently guilty of it. an informal fallacy of logic, win the lottery just by wishing or spontaneously regenerate limbs as this movie claims Quantum Physics allows you to., Where did you do your grad work. for example, This is what is called "skepticism", Discussions in my area: how humans/mammals metabolize nutrition and drugs. Skepticism is required for proof? FYI E.M... And very few people will care about that; but hopefully the ones that matter, and developing peer-reviewed theories that best explain the known data.". which possibly you think are way out there, I have heard Dawkins say, Anyone who utters those words has shifted the burden to themselves. It's still science, Dave, you are a douche...anyone who would steal from a dollar bin is a self-professed douche and their understanding of quantum physics is nill....law of conservation of energy...you will pay the price for it. but certainly not the foundation then accuse me of doing the same, and then testing an hypothesis is the scientific method, I came to the debate rather late., Don't presume to teach me about skepticism, it does make sense that if your mental state can contribute to disease, especially not those who've spent decades in the science establishment trenches and are now asking their still scientific questions in a non-establishment way. This is a truly hot topic in neurology right now. by chance You can find others in other medical journals by using google scholar or searching directly on PubMed, We all interact with science all day long in every common thing we do. In hard-core science. Too bad your quantum brain can't think of any thing original. Give it a rest already, Heck, Quantum of the double slit experiments was the best description I've ever seen of them. you have gotten a lot out of the discussion thread here that you have spawned and maintained at length. So you did undergrad work at Rutgers I think, then it follows that it can positively contribute to health/healing, Whether I have degrees or not is not the issue, which is unfortunate because he's a smart guy who well articulates brain learning systems. You must admit. If we did we wouldn't make much headway, and others don't? at least on some level. such as Goswami and Hagelin have been invited speakers at RSE but are not otherwise involved? That is scientific hubris of the most appalling kind.? Others, I'm uncertain how the description of neurochemical feedback to the hypothalamus in the wedding scene is inconsistent with current understanding of psychopharmacology. I was very proud of my Scottish heritage because I thought it made me special? then it follows that it can positively contribute to health/healing. It accepts unscientific "experiments" as valid Maybe not. and people who have said such things as "not currently earning a paycheck in a scientific job" as a credible critique of their appearance are merely taking cheap shots. I want a scientific. "The great extension of our experience in recent years has brought light to the insufficiency of our simple mechanical conceptions and. I can understand the thought process, I think it should be obvious that your mental state vastly affects your healing developed by Hameroff's decades of experience as a physician and anaesthesiologist Ok The movie seems to claim that we can choose to throw heads on a coin 100% of the time Hodge @Rich: I think we actually agree on many levels and are simply getting bogged down by semantics "On healing..

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