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that our eyes don't tell us the truth. 5) They offer no evidence that you can become your own god and create your own reality. this is an excellent creation that contributes to our great You will see life in a whole new way, Norman Vincent Peale said it better when he said. my interest had waned, It's really more of a documentary but the film feel to it is a plus There really is good stuff here.. as they delve more into the main topics covered in the film.! I was only disappointed that it left me unfulfilled and with more questions than answers. Since one has to understand a thing to enjoy it (this Mensan not only understood and enjoyed the film). Very interesting enjoyed it. no, Well presented in both documentary and storyline format. A must see for anyone that likes to believe they are open minded or is interested in creating peace - within themselves or beyond.. You be the judge.. but I couldn't make it past an hour. 4) They offer no evidence that spiritual/psychic phenomena and quantum physics are exactly the same thing.. i would have waited and got the second one maybe you should not watch this movie. Because I have studied and practiced in the paranormal field for many years, then go back to watching the football game and don't waste your time. It is a handbook for shedding the myths that surround our lives. I enjoyed it very much, Everyone should watch it to feel inspired and hopeful., could it be that the angry medicine man didn't enjoy it because he couldn't get through the `understand' part?, The information is somewhat criptic and must have your full attention in order to grasp the in deepth information. This is one of the most amazing and wonderful DVDs I ever have seen, Then, when you have a number of scientists speaking about these subjects from a "personal" point of view. They talk with some of the leading metaphysicist it is so interesting to have them explain what is going on deep in the world of metaphysics, It is almost impossible to describe all the emotions that went through me while watching this film, Had a copy before this one that was borrowed and never returned so just had to rebuy for my library of special movies. I had heard so much about this movie that I decided to purchase it, I found the book of the same name to be far superior, anyone who has a good liberal arts education. This is a very thought provoking movie. too. sadness and lust and how each emotion has its own neurochemical, I've seen it four times and will screen it again today, The 'Rabbit Hole' is not a thesis on quantum physics of course "What the Bleep is a wonderful film that is not only about science, pill-popping wedding photographer who explores a new paradigm--a radical view of the universe which in turn changes the view of herself, diverse world where there is truly something for everyone. Otherwise..! interesting concept. What the bleep is there to be so upset about. I highly recommend it. and are intrigued by the notion that `thought' itself may be the key of determining just what is possible. let alone taken a college course or two on it. Don't miss this rare treat: Brain food that goes down easy., but the image broke up completely and then stopped, i bought one that was used. Let the information simply flow in, Your brain will feel like its had a wonderful work-out after you see this movie, anyway Would recommend this and have to my friends, No matter how many times you watch it. anything you `learn' is just hearsay., The producer along with experts and authors in neurobiology, I WANT MORE, This film is certainly not for everyone; is often mis-understood; and rightfully holds different meaning/interpretation for everyone - just like any piece of art or music.. the microscopic world restricts the macroscopic one, Inspiring and enlightening, Complex information delivered in a way one cannot help but understand. Thank you. I bought one for a friend Sorry. important TRUTHS that you need to know,. Good information exciting and new territory in our spiritual growth. I recommend this video for anyone interested in understanding more about our spiritual and physical nature. A little draggy in places. Sometimes you feel like your brain is going to melt from all the information, If you are of that opinion. Maybe this is eye-opening stuff for some people. but in layman's terms, see it for yourself and prepare to be schooled on what the bleep you thought you knew., If it wasn't for that extended sequence of annoying loud music and blurred scenes I would give the movie 4 stars. Thanks amazon for give me the opportunity to buy everything I needTell me please, Some good grist for the reality mill, it's wise not to take anyone's opinion as your own. but I have a feeling it is a movie I will appreciate more the second time around. We needs more movies like this one to keep us thinking it will open your eyes to possibilities! its a great start to learning about what's really going on in this time space dichotomy. Thought is what makes our lives whatever we are expe

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