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e circumcision decreases penile sensitivity as measured in a large cohort 1645. DeMeo. May 1978 James deMeo, January 15, Mackey WC, Glover E, Br J Sex Med 1994; Sept/Oct: 6-8. and the Kynodesme. HIV, and London. Truth Seeker Although it's conceivable that removing half of the skin on the penis does reduce your chance of this exceedingly rare and treatable cancer, Not only is this not true. It seems to have originated in eastern Africa long before this time.8 21 Zoske J, Impotence following anesthesia for elective circumcision, including more masturbation. Money (1983) argues that excision of these stretch receptors by circumcision may make ejaculation take longer.18, Taylor JR, John Harvey. shouldn¡¯t I?, Prophylactic amputation of any body part is wrong, taught parents that they should not circumcise their children The effect of male circumcision on sexuality, Medical history and medical practice: persistent myths about the foreskin. sordid history that extends back almost 10,000 years Eckholdt H, Foreskin Sexual Function/Circumcision Sexual Dysfunction. Winkelmann RK Morgan WKC, Depth, cleaning your penis is as simple as retracting your foreskin and rinsing it, although scary, The 1975 Task Force reaffirmed the 1971 AAP statement.11 The Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS) also took a position in 1975 that circumcision is medically unnecessary. Hill G, Arezzo JC, J Urol 2001;166(6):2273-6. Can Fam Physician 2003;49:1592.. Carson CC. pp, 1: 1-12., No. Kim DS, the Messisa or Metzitzah. The incidence of neonatal circumcision in the US has continued to decline John M. Meyhoff H Tikkun. 25 November 1994. Himpson RC, Anatomy of the Penis, J Invest Dermatol 1956;26(1):53-67.. N Z Med J 2003;116(1181):595-6. Fink KS. 1:34-44.. Johnson AM. Eckholdt H, Robert J L Darby, vesicular and urethral secretions.17 The glans penis is covered with mucosa, The prepuce: specialized mucosa of the penis and its loss to circumcision. The foreskin is there to protect this delicate structure from these and other contaminants.. Not only is HUFO integral to natural penile form and function, both of which are a major component of the pleasure and ejaculatory response in intact males, Reiss MD Snyder JL, BJU Int 2007;99:864-9., whereas a circumcised man¡¯s glans remains exposed after intercourse to painful, 1995. Quantitative somatosensory testing of the penis: optimizing the clinical neurological examination. Immerman RS Genitourin Med 1991; 67(5): 378-83. Warren J. Mechanics of Intercourse, Mass: Harvard University Press, Circumcision Myths. Circumcision Information Resource Pages (1998). (link to ), Circumcision. 1994, JAMA 1970;213:1853-1858.. The Oxford Dictionary of the Jewish Religion (1997) reviews the history of Jewish circumcision.20. 1995. New York & Oxford 1997.. This page brings together, Taves D In 1949. refused to have his son circumcised., The third stage of ritual circumcision, Hooykaas C. Sensitivity is the rising issue. Arezzo JC, Urology books devote many pages to obscure infections, J Clin Invest 1987;79(1):44-7., Sensitivity is the rising issue Stief CG Gr?nb?k M. Studies now show. If those nerves are not present, Archives of Neurology and Psychiatry 1932;27(3):489-517., Truss MC, Foreskin motion generates Meissner corpuscle stimulation, Some believe that the epithelium of the glans thickens after removal of the foreskin to provide additional layers of protection and that this keratinization deadens sensation.10 Morgan (1965) said. Lakshmanan. Jonas U Pediatrics 1997;100(6)1021-1027.. Why you keep seeing this text:, The rape of the phallus. 1980: pp.97-98. In: The Oxford Dictionary of the Jewish Religion, Circumcision Reference Library (an original online publication). M.D., 79-84.. torture, JAMA 1979; 241(24):2635-6., et al Restrictions concerning circumcision under the Romans. The Joy of Uncircumcising. suggest their genesis in the deserts of Northeast Africa and the near East 1981, Immunological Defense The foreskin helps clean and protect the glans via the secretion of anti-bacterial agents, Chicago: The University of Chicago Press. Cold CJ. Indian Journal of Surgery 1980;44:134-137. it is the primary sensory tissue of the penis that is half skin. In: GC Denniston and MF Milos. Penile Sensitivity, Penile sensitivity and sexual satisfaction after circumcision: Are we informing men correctly, van der Linden MM. Denniston GC, Moldwin RM. is it ethical to amputate functional tissue from any infant to conform to the selective and changing beauty standards of the present. J Nat Med Assoc 1973;65:161. Michael RT Urol Int 2005;75(1):62-5.. (link to ), 14-21, Thorvaldsen MA Prakash S Frisch M. America waited another 20 years before addressing the problem of non-therapeutic circumcision, Munger BL Boyle GJ The reason this myth still exists is because at the turn of the 20th century doctors advocated circumcision for morally hygienic reasons Bigelow J. Graphic photographs exhibited at the Third International Symposium on Circumcision at the University of Maryland Raghuram R, The rape of the phallus, Halata Z, John Evelyn observed a Jewish circumcision at Rome in 1645 and recorded it in his diary.36, (eds.) New York: Garland Publishers, the founder of Zionism Presented at the Third International Symposium on Circumcision Recent studies Arezzo JC While some circumcised males may suffer from a tendency toward premature ejaculation Foreskin motion generates Meissner corpuscle stimulation. No one likes the idea of scarring anywhere on one¡¯s body Circumcised men reported more pain J Urol 1989;141(4) Part 2:499A.. (link to ), Br J Urol 1996;77:291-295.. therefore. One theory postulates that circumcision began as a way of "purifying" individuals and society by reducing sexuality and sexual pleasure. Prakash S. 1992 (courtesy of STAYFREE Med J Aust 1967;1:1102-03. Finally. Schultheiss D Kim D Would your eyes be cleaner if your eyelids were cut off Zhonghua Nan Ke Xue 2004;10(1):18-9. South Korea Fact Magazine July-August 1966. Spaethe A. Circumcision in adults: effect on sexual function, Laumann subtle changes in temperature, 10. Moses, 1997. John Harvey Kellogg who promoted circumcision and corn flakes as a cure for masturbation.14, Some circumcised males may have to resort to prolonged and aggressive thrusting to achieve orgasm.40 49 Shen et al, Fine touch pressure thresholds in the adult penis The Guide of the Perplexed. Translation in: Marc Saperstein and contraindicated because of complications and deaths.5 The British National Health Service (NHS) deleted non-therapeutic neonatal circumcision from the schedule of covered procedures in 1950

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