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but also motivational tools and lessons on how to use your planner! and goal setting let me design it the way I want. It is made with great quality and provides a lot of different uses. Prior to finding this product. I love my simple elephant planner. We liked everything about it except it would be nice to include sample instructions in the box. I am so happy with the layout and the ease of use. I also love the unique design and affordable price. Would definitely recommend. Most of all their customer service is amazing. Highly recommend.. I was down to creating my own planner exactly like they have here. and lots of room for notes!!!! Didn't use the stickers yet, I also like the way you can record things monthly and weekly, However. I would like a few more stickers to go along with the original order!!! it was indented by the closure band.! But. I have been able to reach many of my short-term goals simply because they are written down where I can seem them everyday, Anything with more of a "liquid ink" would probably ghost a bit, I don't need blank pages giving my guilt. The ritual of taking a few minutes to list all of your expectations is very important and has an amazing impact on life. I use this to track my mood and triggers along withevents and more. I do like how you write in the dates so if I miss a week or I'm on vacation I dont have to just have blank wanted pages, Amazing planner. Great little planner. I love my Simple Elephant, It has a nice feel in your hand and the paper is a very nice weight. and I intend to buy another when this planner is used up, and that means that this planner can be bought at any time of the year and pages don't have to be wasted! Saw a person complained about the pages being too thin and markers bleeding through. It is exactly what I was looking for to do my morning personal development. Fourth plenty of room for notes, I love this planner. The motivational parts really help keep morale up! and it keeps you looking at your year instead of just day after day. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this planner. If you don't mind putting in the dates! It is completely adjustable to your needs (you label the months and weeks yourself), I like the layout and the years worth of space for planning!Love the design and quality. A nice sized little book. I love this planner, Love this planner. Like another reviewer said, I just purchased a new one for this year and highly recommend it to others. I've never been so organized. to get organized and set goals. and the practicality of this little planner. I am trying to be better at planning. The go to planner for my not so eager planning college guy! I can journal. I will be purchasing one every year to keep myself organized at work.This is a great planner. Love the stickers too -- just wish there were more of them and that they were prettier! I Love this planner. I feel more organize and goal oriented, I bought 2 of these! I always am working on my master list of things to do, This is a good tool and encourages me to sit down and intentionally be more thoughtful, I have started a new business and I'm feeling very positive this time. so I took one star off for that. It is everything it said it was, It has section for weekly notes and note pages for writing as well. because I really liked this planner., We really liked that we could write in the dates and get maximum use out of it., I also like the quantity of ruled pages in the back. The cover is very nice and looks professional, I love this planner and it works perfectly for my lifestyle, I do not recommend itJournal set-up is good I highly suggest this to everyone now I really love this planner...the color. and the paper is good quality, They are useful.!! I like that the days have lines...not times! the fact that it has goals, This journal is a good bridge -- it focuses on the big picture and gives you space to analyze your week without being pushy. I'm using the monthly view to add habit tracking and am running a backlog in the notes area. I can honestly say that I could not be happier with my purchase.. elegant design. It really keeps you organized and helps you plan ahead of time. I strongly recommend getting this planner if you want to get your [stuff] together, so I have had it about 6 months. I love this planner. so I was glad to finally have that. I also love that you can buy it anytime throughout the year since it's not a Jan-Dec type of planner. Hands down. I love this I love that I can write out my own calendar I love that it gives you goals that you can write down and you can see it every time you open your calendar! I love that it's customizable and I can start it at anytime or skip when needed. I still like to write certain things out. Helps me stay organized of my schedule and my goals which helps me feel more balanced and at ease. with all it¡¯s introspection. The planner motivates me to break goals into smaller steps. This is very nice planner. I really love the simplicity of this planner. I really like their idea of letting you put the dates whenever you are ready, I¡¯m not ready for the Passion Planner A day planner/journal makes everything seem more in control. but excited to order a new one. I am getting

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