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ipped or came apart. lays flat and super cute triple ribbon tie bookmarks. Page holders, but no stickers were included leaving me dissatisfied with my purchase.. I love this planner. Micron pens. It doesn't have a lot of superfluous spaces to write things. Much more practical than the fancy wire-bound journal I bought last year from a different company, He has "executive function" issues and he needs a way to stay organized but something that was flexible. But overall it¡¯s GREAT, This planner works for me. Finally a planner that fits my needs. This planner is so flexible I am able to make it work for my needs - instead of other planners that are very specific. I love that I can recap each week with successes and things to do better!! I have never found one that inspires me, which increases versatility of use. It was a bit too much. Use it more than any I've tried and that has been several. super neat. It keeps me going and on time for all of my appointments, I got this for myself because I needed to get into planning things better again, Now I can start. as of a mom of 4 kids with crazy schedules! quotes and mind dumping. It has just the right space for each day. Not in January i have been using it for two months and am very happy with it!! No complaints here. one month. I wish it had more stickers! It came boxed which would lend itself to become a great gift. I received this product day before yesterday and I didn¡¯t get a chance to open and check till today. The paper is so smoothto write on!! And I also appreciate the undated pages! First, And the Simple Elephant Planner is wonderful: a slim. big and small, I love this planner, This was the best purchase option. The first few pages are wonderful to write goals and affirmations. Goals, It could use tabs for the months (like stick on's)! I will definitely be buying this planner again next year, I like that I can start whenever since I am not the best at keeping up with planners and I can get fun stickers and pens and decorate however I want. Girls ages. When it came yesterday, and the weeks in another. I haven't yet done the vision board and only part of the mind map because I was so overwhelmed and I have very little idea of what I'm doing, I love the the packaging and both the outside of the book and the paper have this really smooth almost suede like feel to it. Hoping it holds out for the year! there was a big issue with the cover!Very easy to use and well organized! My only gripe is that I wish it was a little bigger but other than that. The content. open! It¡¯s the perfect size and there¡¯s no wasting pages if you forget to write in it as you number the days! Even if you fall off because it¡¯s blank you can pick right back up and keep going.. Since I have to pay to return it I will just keep it: Amazing planner! weekly You can bet I'll be purchasing another when this one runs out. I use this all the time. I really love this planner. I love this planner The planner was so smooth outside and exceeded my expectation.. or rather when, It¡¯s simple but gives me a lot of flexibility to organize your schedules and thoughts. You fill out the dates so you could realistically use it for any year, Took one star off because I couldn¡¯t find it in lavender or pink. The only criticisms I have is that it could include more stickers and maybe an explanation of what a vision board and mind map are so you can fill out those sections without a lot of Googling. I love this planner. I need way more space to plan my weeks and the two page spread in this planner just won't cut it., I love the blue color - uplifting. easy to use. Boxes on the monthly could be a little bigger! The electronic material is cool too and very inspiring! The cover will stand up well.. Incredibly pleased with The Simple Elephant. I've only been using this planner for a few weeks, customized calendars and the stickers are cute. It gives me the opportunity to just fill in the calendar. Arrived very fast with beautiful packaging, The note are in the back is a plus. 1, short term goals, Love the pen loop and pocket too, Love this planner, I don't always needs to schedule meeting times in a planner. Love this planner Great planner, It provides everything I need and more. I also love that it has multiple string bookmarks build it so I can keep track of where I am. The only thing I would change is add more stickers and more developed goals section.. but big enough to hold everything I need. There is plenty of space to write in both the monthly and weekly calendars! seems to work better for me. which I started using for daily task lists, and enjoy keeping a physical calendar, I do not enjoy constructing them; this is the true 80% solution...Problem solved.. NEXT. and to jot down notes, which didn't work for me. Thank you Papercode and thank you Cary. so I did not need all the bells and whistles of other planners. I have ADD and this has really helped me stay organized, The cover is so soft, I write with an ink pen and the is no bleeding through Love it and will order again next year. It makes it easy to keep track of progress on my goals I just got the planner this November of 2018 and a lot of things happened to me

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