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that I caní»t wait to write those moments right away Compact enough to take with me. Weekly successes and reflections as well as mind map and vision board. but not so cluttered with goals. It keeps me super organized and I use stickers and colored pens to make it fun. easy to customize and use. Great use of positive psychology. This is the best planner. I have been buying the plum paper products planners and this one makes me so much happier. very nice cover I love how easy it is to customize, #simpleelephant! appointments.., In addition to the usual space for writing down appointments and to-do lists. high quality. This also means you can use the entire journal no matter what time of the year you make your purchase! The Simple Elephant planner is exactly what I've been looking for. Just in the past few weeks of using it It's so intentional & focused that I don't get overwhelmed with all the details like I did with the other planner I was using this year Disappointed by this! which ended up making me more anxious. This is the most amazing planner / journal I have ever owned, the stickers and all the spaces for things like Vision Board. It looks professional for him to carry with him. Imagine my dismay when flipping through the book to find a giant ink spot on one of the journal pages.. Good size!! it's highly functional, for those of us who are not very creative. and a HUGE notes section. this is not a problem for me, Every year age and column are well designed and could be utilized, Love how it holds you accountable I love the setup, weeks. and a LOT of pages (NUMBERED pages) at the end for notes! plus an extra 2 bookmark strings. This is exactly what I needed. I use Frixion pens to write in this and seems to pair well with the paper seems, This emphasizes that the cover isn't very well done, this planner is definitely worth buying. The size of this journal is perfect to carry on my work purse, color, I saved it to my phone and check it sometimes just for a reminder, Well laid out for 12 months with enough space to write down what you need to.. The mind-map and the focuses in the beginning pages are extremely helpful for keeping on task It is immensely helpful to keeping myself organized. I really like the goal setting pages and areas for reflection each week, I also like that there are little reminders to go back and look at my goals for the year Will most definitely be sticking to this planner brand for a while. I like this better than one I had before that had them at the beginning of every week. the size. This planner has everything I want and nothing extra. reminds me of long term goals and helps me manage the day to day like Simple Elephant! You have to number the days yourself. brain-storm, Easy to use! Helps keep me on track at work!! However, I also love that I was able to get it mid-year and not waste any of it since I can write in dates myself. this is an adorable and very durable little planner. I love this planner, and because ití»s undated, I really like that it has a vision board and also different ways you can write about your day or days. ití»s not dated so no matter when you begin you get a full year, The material and binding is not of quality. So many options! for management of ADHD. The blank months make it possible to start at any time. I also add times for meetings. It's beautiful and has a place for just about everything. I'd expect more from an $18 planner! The pages were well thought out and provide the perfect space for scheduling! It helps you keep track of and accomplish your goals! It is very good quality! so with it being undated! This has helped me tremendously with my job and classes But it does ití»s job. by far. I finally found one that has everything Ineed,especially the notes pages, My only issue is that there isn't more room for notes each day, the cover is quite cheap quality, Not me., I love this planner very much. and just want to write stuff down without too much structure! I love the vision board pages and the monthly and weekly goals, There is plenty of room to write everything I need. 3 ribbons for stay organized better, successes and improvements are (again) simple, I work 2 jobs and have lots of bills and family obligations so this is a MUST HAVE for me, I ordered two at the same time and one had a back pocket and the other did not. Size such as it first well in a purse. goals! Who has the time. The best thing about it Is the dates are not preprinted. I have been using other planners for the past 4 years and I regret not buying this one earlier, I need to stockpile these so I can have them for life. Sad to be finishing my first one soon. The Simple Elephant Planner is absolutely saving me time and has added a positive start to my day, Buy it. I use the back lines to make up my menu planning and shopping list! I do wish the bookmark ribbons were a bit longer, It's individual sections for not only organizing the months, I'll be honest I haven't found much use for the weekly planner part but I think that's just because I like to see my schedule in full scale of the month, I think I tend to focus on the negative. I bought it over a month before my daughter's graduat

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