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going to help me stay on track for the year. My wife got me one in 2018 and I'm on my second one? I use it every day? If you like to doodle or waste your time making your own ..have at it.. not meI really like the simple layout? And I finally found it. I just bought my second planner. I love this calendar ití»s simple and easy to use and make your own. Will repurchase in 2020., Plenty of space for notes and planning. 5 weeks! Not only do you get the planner, 2. weekly goals and daily planning., Overall it's a great journal., I need to write my thoughts or things to remember, the pages are too thin and markers. It is a nice combination of what is great about a planner and the good qualities of a bullet journal.. and ultimately this sets it apart from other planners out there. And if I skip a week. I really like this planner and it is easy enough to use that I'm actually using it every day for work. Ití»s small enough to carry with me. And it's the perfect size to take with you anywhere you go, but not as many as come with the sticker set you can buy individually. Super impressed with this planner, since I missed January! participation a true clutch! However, You can tell the company really cares about making an amazing product with their free pdfs you get when buying the planner about being organized. This thing is great for keeping notes and track of what you wanna do. so that definitely helps me get to my way to achieve them! Either way. Definitely would recommend this productI like the layout of this planner. Since the dates aren't written in Super cute notebook loved it great for work and to write all my appointments and reminders down love the pink color and ití»s sturdy. I'm grateful that the week and month pages are un-dated. love my simple elephant planner. Nice layout of pages and good space to write the things I want to write. I was not aware that the actual calendar date are not included. I did a Snapchat unboxing to my sister it was so cute. Quickly after my review. it left a dent and the impression of the band, The goal setting pages in the front and the blank pages in the back make this a perfect planner. and keep goals, It has really helped me make better use of my time, and affirmations pages rather than one yearly one at the beginning. weeks. I love that it has a section for Affirmations, :) Looks decent, This is a crossroads in my life. I received my planner today and was really excited. to me its very helpful.. filling out the dates on my own kept me busy and its very therapeutic! this is a nice planner. So far I love the layout of the simple elephant. pivotal moment. I think the only complaint I could have is that there aren't more color options. It works well for me, i'm very happyBest. I'm looking forward to filling it up in 2018. There are different sections for monthly overviews, I would highly recommend this planner for anyone. Compact with undated pages. Has a pocket in the back to hold papers. Its definitly not worth $20. which is the point. Great layout. I ADORE this planner. I love this planner I'm definitely getting this again once I finish this one. Thanks, Best purchase I made for 2019, and a place for notes, I would definitely recommend this product. my son's after school activities. remind you of. There is a little pocket sleeve in the back which I found very useful LOVE IT I love this planner. It's simple and very practical. Although I like bullet journal ! I love the blank pages and the fact you can start the planner on whatever month you like. I would love to see improvements and hope.its around for a while.. itself, vision board etc in the front of the planner. This is January. This was a gift for my girlfriend (this is her acct too) since she loves planners, Lots of room for notes and goals, Overall it is a good. Just what I was looking for: simple and direct.I am using this planner to track only one aspect of my life (research). I can answer to its functionality. Ií»ll never go back to dated calendars The paper quality is great -- I use a mechanical pencil in the journal and it writes smoothly. Simple. This is a really nice planner. Looks classy and the paper is durable.. I love this Planner/Journal. So many things that I like about it. Third there is space for affirmations or positive quotes so you can read them whenever you want! i wish i could have chosen the color. I honestly just needed the calendar so I waste time flipping through unnecessary pages.! the look and the fact that it's not dated. We call it my dork book and I caní»t go anywhere without it, I love this notebook, and again each week, The associated freedom of finding that balance means this organization and planning tool is perfect for me and probably for all ADHD adults., ideas, the pages and the packing everything is perfect but they didní»t send the free sheet of stickers that I was suppose to get with the planner which I was really looking forward to. so far it is holding up really well, and so far I love it, I'm not some extremely busy person but it did help me to stay on track, It keeps me super organized and I use stickers and colored pens to make it fun, The book binding is falling apart its so cheap!

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