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t* to write down what I did/will do. Great organizer. the padded cover feels cheap and adds unneccessary bulk/thickness., elegant design that¡¯s easy to carry around. This planner is easy to use with placeholders for each section, Versatile and Simple. and it really has helped me to foster more work/life balance in my life, Very inspirational. can't return it. I like the size! I also keep track of babysitters hours all on the monthly calendar. This is a GREAT little planner but it's very boring.. More flexibility to either take notes Love the weekly spaces and places for appreciations personality! gel pens and other inks bleed through the paper! but I have yet to manage. something i was not aware of when ordering. The pages are thick so I can use my favorite pens and not worry about them bleeding through. the best planner I have ever owned. and the sticker sheet was a cute little added bonus as well, I am a to do list girl so the open space under each day is enough room for all the things I need to accomplish everyday. I never know when I will hanker to get organized! The note area is fabulous and I love that I could start the planner asap. It is a great product made of quality materials. I have had this for 2 months and still love it. There is a section for everything, I have reviewed everything but haven't put the planner into use yet! and when I removed the band!! I love the positive growth mindset tools within the journal as well. I like that it has 3 bookmarkers so you can quickly flip to the most used areas. but has room for everything you need in a planner. etc. This will help keep me organized. I needed this planner to be super simple to get me started and ease me into the world of planners. Papercode. It's like a modern day version of a diary I would like to suggest that the weekly grid be on the left side and a journaling page on the right. Nice color too. I love the size, and especially the spots for goals at the beginning. This is my first ever planner, It is almost perfect EXCEPT FOR:. there is even a nice big section of blank lined pages, undated weekly calendar. The pages are beautiful. Best thing for me are all of the lined pages in the back, \My husband loves this planner, So much more streamlined than bujo or other planners, It has everything you need without being excessive. and I love the email suggestions I receive to meet them more efficiently. I love that there are THREE ribbon book marks. Not only it is super cost-effective but I love being able to make it my own. I recommend it to my students. The "elephant" reminder is clever and effective. Love that it gives you control to fill out given months. I wanted a planner that had a monthly view. I recently discovered bullet journaling and loved it. a pocket Im so glad I found this! The best part is that it comes with 3 placeholders so that I don't have to skim to find where I left off at every time! The layout! I absolutely love it. After only a few days of minimal use the pages are already come undone from the binding. I think I can get passed that part. I like this particular organizer because you can write in the dates yourself so if you don't use it for a while you don't lose any pages. Totally worth theI love this product, Gotta love the 3 bookmarks too.. Nothing fancy, Purchased this for my yoga teacher training course work and it's perfect. Plenty of space to write down your schedule & keep track of your daily needs Perfect. Doubles as a great bullet journal . Ie! This was actually bought as a gift so it is great to have a format that supports my success, Great planner . you can start the date from the time you receive it instead of having to start in the middle if you ordered in the middle of the year. but I fell in love with this product, I love the color and layout. After doing some research I decided on this planner and I LOVE IT, etc, this is really helping me keep track of all my assignments and just overall life/work, Best planner I have ever had...and I've used at least 10 different types of planners...I intend to purchase this one from here on out....if I did have one suggestion it would be to have it available in more colors. With this one you have to set up the dates. format I wouldn't repurchase unless the paper was a heavier weight, I wish it had daily, This is a great planner. weekly calendars AND blank pages Great for notes!PLEASE take these suggestions into consideration for the next version, Highly recommend this planner, This is perfect for someone who needs to keep weekly schedules, The pictures on the web-site are misleading. it gives me more free space to create goals and take down notes to myself. This planner does NOT do that as it is a simple design and is a good balance between filling things out and actually working on planning things.. Superior to a very similar black and white bearish themed planner that I also purchased, OlgaI appreciate the pdfs sent via email detailing how the Elephant planner works, This planner is very well laid out. Love the size. but after only one week of using the pen holder strap broke off. It has a yearly calendar to set the whole year, no daily quotes. Not overly stuffed

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