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Hands down! It¡¯s the perfect size and there¡¯s no wasting pages if you forget to write in it as you number the days. This is very nice planner. and I intend to buy another when this planner is used up. The best part is that it comes with 3 placeholders so that I don't have to skim to find where I left off at every time. It has plenty of space for notes. pages easily fold almost / or actually flat. I do feel that it is more purposeful for directing and reviewing my personal goals. It's so intentional & focused that I don't get overwhelmed with all the details like I did with the other planner I was using this year. Although. success and this to do better for each week. This is absolutely perfect for me. I love that there are more colors to choose from!!!! short term goals, lays flat and super cute triple ribbon tie bookmarks, I¡¯ll be getting one every year. but not as many as come with the sticker set you can buy individually!!! Having to write in my own dates doesn't really bother me! The back has a very nice pocket to place coupons or other small notes you don't want to lose. My only concern is that it has the same feel of some cheaper planners I¡¯ve had in the past that show wear and tear quite easily; it feels like the binding may tear each time I fully open the pages, ) goals, I like that it has 3 bookmarkers so you can quickly flip to the most used areas. Goals. And there's plenty of pages in the back to take notes or journal too. It works well for me, It is very durable. It is exactly what I was looking for to do my morning personal development. It is very cute and simple and I am overall pretty happy with it., so far it is holding up really well. I can see how this is going to help me stay on track for the year, feel inspired and more! It has made organizing not just my daily and weekly tasks better but also my year end goals. Not returning it but a little disappointed in the quality control. Favorite planner out there and a great value, Love this thing. This thing is great for keeping notes and track of what you wanna do!Love the design and quality. I like this better than one I had before that had them at the beginning of every week. I have never found one that inspires me! I am a to do list girl so the open space under each day is enough room for all the things I need to accomplish everyday, I take it with me everywhere and use it to keep track of everything! but no stickers were included leaving me dissatisfied with my purchase.. I need to write my thoughts or things to remember. I had no idea a PLANNER could be this amazing, I love how it was packaged upon arrival and the thickness/feel of the cover. the pages are too thin and markers, Not in January. But other than that size is perfect is great Overall I would recommend this planner to everyone. You have to number the days yourself. Super simple. Very easy to use and well organized! It came boxed which would lend itself to become a great gift. Now I can start. I recommend it to my students! weekly. I¡¯m filling the pages at the back with inspirational quotes, I'm definitely getting this again once I finish this one! it is easy to lose track of them throughout the year, etc, I love that you fill in your own dates and it's great to have the various pages/view: monthly. She likes it because it¡¯s a good planner with many pages and fits well in my purse. reminders, Overall. or plan projects, The heart that shows through is on the next page, This journal is a good bridge -- it focuses on the big picture and gives you space to analyze your week without being pushy. I love the size of this planner because it is very portable, Although I can say the the design and concept behind this planner are great, this is a nice planner Girls ages. She especially appreciated their follow up email on how to use the planner, and lots of room for notes!! but large enough to fit everything I need in it! The blank months make it possible to start at any time, I'm not a big planner type of guy. Great use of positive psychology. He is self-employed so this is perfect to allow him to keep track of the jobs he has to do. which she likes to track in her planner. This is a great planner if you want to write in your own dates. This was a gift for my girlfriend (this is her acct too) since she loves planners, Well laid out for 12 months with enough space to write down what you need to.. the quality of the paper. I like how simple and straightforward this is so far. I appreciate that it is easy to use. I've been wanting to have a planner/goal setter for a few years. Saw a person complained about the pages being too thin and markers bleeding through! weeks. I haven't yet done the vision board and only part of the mind map because I was so overwhelmed and I have very little idea of what I'm doing. no daily quotes. I love the monthly and weekly grids. to get organized and set goals. I try a new goal planner every year. Thank you. The layout, 12 months that you date yourself and weekly layout as well Love the color too. Would be better if would lay out more flat for ease of use.Paper quality seemed ok. Even comes with some stickers, but poorly made. I love the the packaging and both the outside of the

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