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tes to myself, Very cool planner. What I like about these pages is that most other planners seem to put way too many things to fill out before you actually start planning. I love the blank pages and the fact you can start the planner on whatever month you like. I purchased the journal for my son. The blue leather cover is soft and stylish. And I also appreciate the undated pages. the size, It's individual sections for not only organizing the months. I write with an ink pen and the is no bleeding through, but for now this is just right! The quality is great and the pages are plenty I always hated planners and never used them enough to really have a system! weeks, and the undated style makes it perfect for me to customize this planner to my specific needs.. I will be sticking with this planner from now on. quotes and mind dumping! I really like this planner and it is easy enough to use that I'm actually using it every day for work. I bought this for my wife. I really love the simplicity of this planner My 11 yaer old uses it all day writing. It didn't have dates already written in for you. 3 kids and a husband made life feel very scattered. However. and when I removed the band. I was able to put in what my goals are this year. this planner is definitely worth buying. This is a really nice planner, The weekly goals and reflection are so helpful in keeping track of long term goals. Possibility to attach a pen to it (very practical - no digging for a pen in the depths of my purse), I use it everyday, I never know when I will hanker to get organized. I've tried many times to get a certain project off the ground with no success. I love that there are THREE ribbon book marks, and I love the email suggestions I receive to meet them more efficiently, It is so helpful to not create it myself. and nothing has ripped or came apart.. Lots of rooms for notes! This is a great journal. I¡¯ve brought so many expensive planners in the past Kate spade. More a journal than a day timer for me but i use it for only my important days and so is actually more useful because i can find what i need more easily than my calendar because only the VII very important information is there for me. Best thing for me are all of the lined pages in the back. A day planner/journal makes everything seem more in control, weekly goals and daily planning.. Thanks. I've only been using for a couple weeks even though I bought it last month, etc. It's like a modern day version of a diary. The cover was a bit brighter than the photo. It even works great for planning it your meals each week and is very easy to carry with you. It looks just like it is pictured here and the layout is exactly what I was looking for. I saved it to my phone and check it sometimes just for a reminder. and especially the spots for goals at the beginning. Something about writing goals down as opposed to tracking them electronically The quality of the cover is well made. but still looks and feels very nice, I'm not some extremely busy person but it did help me to stay on track, and the recipient is very pleased and looking forward to using it :-), to look inside the planner. My wife got me one in 2018 and I'm on my second one. This planner is functional for me I don¡¯t decorate it I need it for appointments and as a reminder of things to do. I've had this planner for a couple weeks and I must say it's been extremely beneficial to me achieving my short term goals and keeping me organized :) Looks decent It is immensely helpful to keeping myself organized. Micron pens. I appreciate that this planner allows you to start at any time of the year since you get to fill in the dates! so that definitely helps me get to my way to achieve them. I also love the unique design and affordable price. Great little planner, It¡¯s small enough to carry with me. She was right. You can tell the company really cares about making an amazing product with their free pdfs you get when buying the planner about being organized, The journal itself is cute; however, I love this calendar it¡¯s simple and easy to use and make your own. Finally a planner that fits my needs. This was actually bought as a gift. So many options Very organized and I love the pages for just writing anything.. making it easily accessible. Very well organized with flexible start as you start when you want to. Overall it is a good. I love this planner. So far I love the layout of the simple elephant. Ie! adding fun recognition of flagged appointments. I would definitely recommend this product! The pages are sewn in so they stay firmly attached even after laying flat to write.. I also like the stickers, I feel more organize and goal oriented, One of the better purchases on Amazon, I work 2 jobs and have lots of bills and family obligations so this is a MUST HAVE for me, goals, so I have had it about 6 months. I like that I can start whenever since I am not the best at keeping up with planners and I can get fun stickers and pens and decorate however I want, Thanks, there was a big issue with the cover, Third there is space for affirmations or positive quotes so you can read them whenever you want, I can't wait to use it to streamline some of my goals.!

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