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with questions to be answered. Having to write in my own dates doesn't really bother me. LOVE THIS A LOT!I was seeking a way to ease into using a planner, I love this product. Although. This planner is excellent quality with nice weekly pages with lots of room for notes, This is a great planner if you want to write in your own dates. It is set up in sections I thought this would have more room to write. It keeps one accountable for goals set. gratuity. the size...I can¡¯t say enough how much I¡¯m enjoying this planner. Possibility to attach a pen to it (very practical - no digging for a pen in the depths of my purse). Papercode, and prompts of the planner allow for nonlinear/creative minds to flourish while maintaining a grasp on administrative necessities of life, making lists and setting weekly goals. I bought a copy for my leadership team and we use them daily to discuss our big goals and day to day goals, I am a list maker and a planner and even though I love using my phone. I wanted something larger and should have read the small print. I love my elephant planner. I use all 3 sections (Personal Gratitude, That says a lot and it's why I loveThis is the first planner I've gotten on the advice of my therapist. Other than it's very versatile and comes equipped with a lot of different options to plan out my week! She especially appreciated their follow up email on how to use the planner, Although I can say the the design and concept behind this planner are great. I love so many things about this planner. Lots of rooms for notes. would make a great gift for a pal too. I wanted a year long planner and this is perfect. Would by this again. I like that I am organized now. It keeps me motivated and organized - Ican honestly say that I have used planners for a good 20 years - this one is the best EVER! or how long it will last. Great job. It is very durable. The blue leather cover is soft and stylish! 5 weeks. I started in the month of February and now I don't feel as wasteful. but the owner contacted me and apologized and said I had a defective planner and wanted to send me a new one. I keep it in my purse and it is still in great condition, Despite this criticism I would buy again especially as a gift. I appreciate that this planner allows you to start at any time of the year since you get to fill in the dates. I've had it for a month and the pen holder broke off and the spine/binding is popping off too. It lays flat when open. Simple and easy to use. This is the first daily planner I have owned and am loving how much I am able to accomplish.. I love the size of this planner because it is very portable! I'm not good about writing things down but carrying this little book around has really gotten me into a habit of note taking and meal planning. and well made., A beautiful looking book, but I really like that the pocket in the back has so much room for things I need to keep track of. my first month using this planner so I will be making the most use of it as time passes! Plenty of space to take notes and manage your calendar. It is small enough to travel around in my purse. It's my first time learning to organize my time and my life and this has made it so simple. There is a calendar way and a way you can actually write more in your day. Maybe someday. I probably won't use the stickers. Reflecting on the successes for the week and things that could be worked on is a great tool to better oneself! Not a white elephant. I used some other more expensive planners and I loved them but I just have a hard time spending a ton of money on something like that. Its nothing like they say it is. Overall. It seems to be great quality. A little cheaper than some others but it also isn¡¯t just a 3 month agenda either, which she likes to track in her planner, It's so classy but it's not just for form. Planner! but still looks and feels very nice. after all I can't really function normally without having any form of organization and phone apps don't really click with me as much as pen and paper. i started when i got it. So far. I also like that every so often you are reminded to flip back to your goals. The layout is nice and the quality is good. So this works great for me. 2 cellphones. Plus every page is numbered so you can journal in the blank pages in the back and reference them in the calendar views, I did have an issue with one of the planners with damage however the issue was quickly resolved with the truly GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE I received. I like that it has a month and week view with a built in bookmark to keep placement I was impressed with the level of customer service of the company and how they believed in their product! It fits into my bag! I absolutely love it! Would be better if would lay out more flat for ease of use.Paper quality seemed ok!!Super simple, but not a reason to take off a star, Beautiful. I love how it was packaged upon arrival and the thickness/feel of the cover! I use this to keep a list of things I want to accomplish which makes it easy to transfer things over to my electronic to do list in an orderly fashion. and plenty of room for notes. all of the month pages are in one section. I¡¯ve had a much easier time meeting my goals

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