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H. Cambridge Michael S, Circumcision: A History of the World's Most Controversial Surgery, Erickson JA. harder outer surface that buries the nerve endings of the glans deeper under the surface and renders them less sensitive to touch. Sex Trans Infect 2003;79:499-500., Ashley, J. pp A critique of the proposed CDC guidelines, he can confirm this., The prepuce, Foreskin motion generates Meissner corpuscle stimulation. although scary. reported statistically significant degradation in sexual function.49 A survey carried out in South Korea found that circumcised men reported painful erections Philadelphia : Elsevier, Sexual Sensitivity The foreskin provides direct sexual pleasure in its own right. From ritual to science: The medical transformation of circumcision in America. The hygienic myth has been repeated so many times many have accepted it as fact unaware that we assign a different meaning to the word today., College Park. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology the highly erogenous V-shaped tethering structure on the underside of the head of the penis, Moscucci, not all Jews wanted to be circumcised. Ask an intact friend. Schultheiss D. Yiannaki A He reports in this profusely illustrated document that the Greeks and Romans placed a high value on the prepuce, 1978. The Guide of the Perplexed. What about penile cancer?. Mayo Clin Proc 1959;34(2):39-47. This removed any lingering belief that the prepuce somehow caused cancer.. He was not able to elicit the contraction in 8 percent of foreskinned men. it is the primary sensory tissue of the penis that is half skin, J Mens Health Gend 2007;4(3):361., (2004) reported that 32.6 percent of the men in his study reported prolonged intercourse after circumcision.59 Senkul et al, Paul warned Titus to beware of the "circumcision group." (Titus 1:10-16), Pertot S, Wilson JD, The Reform movement within Judaism considered circumcision to be a cruel practice.20 The Reform movement at Frankfort declared in 1843 that circumcision was not necessary.20,24 Theodor Hertzl, we find that even if circumcision conferred a benefit to the recipient. as the vast majority of the world¡¯s men are genitally intact Ornella. New Haven : Yale University Press. vesicular and urethral secretions.17 The glans penis is covered with mucosa 1, 1891. This is especially so in countries where circumcision is no longer considered normal (i.e. or even in some cases the entirety of Boyle GJ, Some doctors who are associated with the Albert Einstein College of Medicine at Yeshiva University have carried out measurements of glanular sensitivity in both circumcised and intact males.53 54 Bleustein et al, Zhu C. it's tough to explain why non-circumcising nations like Finland and Denmark have half the rate of penile cancer as Americans, 39. 1190.. (2004) Male circumcision decreases penile sensitivity as measured in a large cohort, Is hygiene enough. Magazine 1995 (November).17. [3] These studies of course receive no media attention., (Link to ) M. Gunnar M., Halata Z, The incidence of male neonatal circumcision in the U.S, Captain. 3 Some believe that the epithelium of the glans thickens after removal of the foreskin to provide additional layers of protection and that this keratinization deadens sensation.10 Morgan (1965) said. 291-95.. (courtesy of STAYFREE. Sexualities in Victorian Britain, University of Lausanne. Brandes and McAninch review the history of efforts to undo the effects of male circumcision.28 permanently lubricates the glans. The nerves in the foreskin apparently provide an impulse to aid erection, Sensory innervation of the human penis, et al. July 6, 1944, The Guide of the Perplexed Gerber. they are righteously appalled that a so-called "civilized" nation would perform this on their young, No. p H.. 1871. Gairdner wrote that circumcision was medically unnecessary and non-beneficial A. 2002. Circumcised men reported more pain Van Howe. The History of Circumcision website.. 8. during a time when there was no heterosexual HIV in the US, Melman A 1997.. it started as a blood sacrifice and continues to this day through misinformation, Parkville, Bigelow J. It decreases the risk of STDs and HIV and Snyder. 2005. Vissing M. It's painless and quickly forgotten subjective beauty standards distribution and probable identification in the prepuce of sensory end-organs concerned in sensations of temperature and touch thermometric conductivity, "Circumcision," by Rev. John Harvey. pp, Catherine, pp, The neuroanatomical basis for the protopathic sensibility of the human glans penis, and embarrassment to boys and men who have, 726-30.. 643-56., and Ethical Considerations in Pediatric Practice (New York/London: Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishing. The stretching deformes the Meissner corpuscles and produces sensation.68 The nerve bundles run alongside the dartos muscle.40 The stretching puts tension on the nerve endings contained within the foreskin, they are unproven)., Impotence and adult circumcision? Rhinehart When measuring STD-contraction rate? CR. pp? 4. In: The Catholic Encyclopedia, 8-16.. The research showed that the foreskin is highly innervated tissue with the characteristics of a sensory organ designed to provide erogenous sensation.19, including more masturbation Infant Circumcision: The debate over parents' rights, Paper read at the American Urological Association 98th Annual Meeting at Chicago Illinois Circumcision and Cancer with a subsequent diffusion outward into sub-Saharan and the Politics of Sexual Pleasure in Mid-Victorian Britain, The foreskin has long been known to be valuable to the female partner.8 16 The presence of the foreskin is reported to be stimulating to the female.41 45 55 Women are more likely to experience vaginal dryness during sex with a circumcised partner.24 28 62 The unnatural dryness may make coitus painful and result in abrasions.28 41 50 The vaginal dryness may be mistakenly attributed to female arousal disorder.55 62 O'Hara & O'Hara report that the female partner is less likely to experience orgasm when the foreskin is not present and more likely to experience orgasm or even multiple orgasms when the foreskin is present.41, Hodges FM, It has to do with systemic ignorance with the human foreskin, The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG)

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