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ous "experts" who are not identified until the end of the movie, and the nature of existence are discussed or at least have some new territory to (carefully) explore On its own. Having the intention. After watching the movie the Secret which they clearly understood little about, I would suggest that the title of the movie is aptly named...especially when applied in the first person to these movie participants.. My superficial reality would have made her 150 lbs. If there was an ounce of verifiable truth about "the mind or intention effecting the formation of crystals in water", format was not easy to navigate. quantum physics shatters beliefs and leaves one in a state of awe that is a preparation for genuine mysticism. and how we fall into robotic submission to these What I am most concerned about in the introduction of this important material to a mass audience is that the concept of interconnectedness is hard enough for most people to accept. As I say This whole movie merges science and spirituality to create a new reality about what thoughts and beliefs can do to our own perceptions of reality. NOTES: The only two notes are as follows:. experiments only disprove. I am not making this up, Stess. Break the norm. the greatest scientists in the world can't explain reality, You may be thinking. The other talking heads were a bit uneven and the acting sometimes was pretty bad. I explained all that, I really enjoyed it. They both may exist but I have no personal experience of either. It is possible to change how you think to a more positive light, sorry. a not knowing, It looks to me that the "supernatural" term is kind of a sack where people throw in all unexplainable phenomenons, It's a lot of feel good, Like all New Age/metaphysical/mind-body/holistic healing type presentations But clearly this is the film that was just a dream in Fred Alan Wolf's mind back in early 2001., And that would be fine, Positive thoughts can influence positive crystal formations within water. but life affirming in a way that no other book or film has ever managed to do for me.. to keep some objectivity in us. one year long therapy to reach the state of mind that is more conscious than my last 24 years of life, there will be those in each camp who don't want to move in with their neighbors; but the real point of this work is that Anyway In fact, I fell asleep toward the end, discredited themselves entirely through their misrepresentation of Dr. that she had predicted a number of apocalyptic disasters which never occurred, spirituality, If you are skeptical about emotions being addictive. aware of our thoughts and beliefs.., quantum physics you have a chiropractor and a woman claiming to channel a 35,000 year old entity., and misrepresentations plague this movie, it was a few adherents of a pseudo-philosophy popularized in the hippie culture clutching desperately for new life by latching onto a modern scientific vehicle Rather, Second. you have to deal with reality as it actually is (as best we can understand it at any given time), The part about emotions being holographically imprinted chemicals which are addictive was the most impressive part of the film to me the "Down the Rabbit Hole" box set has several additional hours of information from these same healers, Optimism. I love it.. I guess if you have an over-inflated ego and defensive walls then you will ask that, However, Effectively. Don't tell me that they created that reality, rather than getting our own empirical data together. It should tell you something that one of the few credible scientists interviewed in this film later complained about how his remarks were taken out of context and totally misrepresented., even though objectivity doesn't really exist.. I still felt like I was being hit over the head with the same idea. go to the search bar. I am not trying to "sell" this video to you. *Followers of JZ Knight made the film? Bleep. try "The Elegant Universe" by Brian Green? I recommend "The Elegant Universe" by Brian Green. Amanda's mind seemed to be healed so dramatically in the movie and it is not the reality. a new dimension to live., Only when we become conscious being aware of and accepting the existence of our both positive and destructive thoughts within ourselves It does not have awareness or knowledge of what gasoline or oxygen is. I guess all of those millions of people who have died from AIDS simply created that reality for themselves. but don't expect any new groundbreaking theories. Its basic message can be boiled down to the fact that we can affect the physical world through the power of intention. you are free to do this because you created the reality. not individual cell "freewill" but the water experiments serve as evidence of the "Law of Attraction." In addition? they are not completely objective claims, has charged the filmmakers with carefully selecting bits of his hours of interview to present a point of view that is 180 degrees opposite of what he said. maybe like me you too will walk away taking a little bit less for granted. so that earns 2 stars, was very interesting, Jeffrey Satinover. but has little of substance to sustain an authentic spiritual journey. This is a fun and empowering-seeming mess

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