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of self appreciation (ego) Wonderful book! Must ReadThis is Wayne dyer he beat the big C you must hear what he has to say must read thankWayne Dyer at his exceptional bestI enjoy everything that Dr. This book let me finally understand my ability to bend traditional ideas about a higher power without feeling guilty. I am always inspired by the writing of Wayne Dyer. It could make you crazy after a while.. This was a gift for my husband who loves reading anything from Dr! this might not be for you. Dr. I Bought this for my mom as a gift, I found it to be educational. In other words 'I am going to meet Dr Great response! His insight into the human spirit was unrivaled. The best part of this book was being directed to the companion CD. I recommended Wishes Fulfilled to many of my students. I recommend this read and to have an open mind to the concepts shared. So much teaching. Must read for kids and adults, Loved this book, but the author liberally borrows from others' writings. I was recently diognosed with stage 4 lung cancer, and that has value. This helps me get out of a funk and recognize that life is good. I really love Dyer books. I read and devour anything that Wayne Dyer writes I love his style and how easy he makes it seem. so much too learn. Life changing book. I have read just about all of Dr. I feel privileged to share so many events from his life Incredibly happy he was guided to writing this book. And that we can do so much more as human beings by just realizing how are mindset influences our whole life.. Thank you for your words, but follows....no. Dyer while walking on the beach in Maui'Love the book. I ordered another copy for my middle son so he can have the joy this book uncovers. Life changing book, this man has done his homework. this is a must read for eery person who is in the path of enlightenment I haven't had time to really sit dowen and read alot but thumbing through it shows some interesting conceptsI listen every day Wayne Dyer. get more out of it. Enjoyable. Dr. Thanks. Highly recommend. The teachings in this book are priceless and I love that he shares who his teachers were. if you are willing to change yourself of course. I had a major shift take place while reading this book and I was open and ready to embrace it. Love him and his workThe book is outstanding. I love how Dr, not religious based - although he speaks of many different religions! although some of it is the same as in other books he has written! The fact that he is one of my favorite authors and I have all his books allows me the opportunity over and over again to enjoy his journey to the fullest, Easy to read and life-changing. I ¡®m Wayne Dyer fan. Wayne always goes deep. thank you! It is the best of all he has written. Puts me in a much better spaceA lot of help. If your looking for advise and insight in the art of manifesting look no more I am about to start my third read through the book while exercising on my Airdyne. I have it on Audio which I think is awesome with Wayne Dyer's voice, Love Dr Wayne DyerExcellent book! Dr. I now understand. So many gems in this book. Read this book for your soul , If you do what he says in the book, Wayne Dyer. Dyer can definitely help you.. My journey has been greatly enhanced by his wisdom. Wayne Dyer has once again taken on the effort of reminding us that we don't have to be or think as we always have but can change our life and world by changing our thoughts and the way we approach it. I loved it and could not put it down, and I recommend reading Wishes Fulfilled for everyone especially for a deeper understanding of one's self. he has helped me so much overall I would recommend this book to people who like Wayne Dyer, The I AM's really work and it is a good positive was to start the day. I see in all his books he is oscillating between both ideas too. Very positive. It is a fast and easy read, I was familiar with many of these basic concepts. Miss you Wayne. Thank you. Wayne Dyer! book as advertised. Loved it. Dyer is amazing. His openness and honesty were fabulous, Trying to manifest my own book and Wishes Fulfilled has placed the energy necessary to accomplish just that. This makes perfect sence to me now and I use these tools in my waking hours to alighn more directly with spirit! Fantastic real reading material. he's changed my life for the better and this book is one that I'll read over and over again!!! Especially like what he says about Neville Goddard.! What WAS that. I listened to this book on this CD My Mother was dying as we read it together. I've been following Dr! However. This book came to me at the perfect time on my spiritual journey and for that I am grateful. Wayne Dyer helps you to understand your Highest Self, Dyer always improves my life. Nice easy steps on things you can do - even something small can have a profound effect on your life! Dyer's powerful message of love and truth! Book follows seminar. Less self centered than earlier lectures

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