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! Everything you ever need to make your dreams come true and bring forth your ideal self. This book will change your life. orbs or any other unknown phenomenon (to the person who is focusing upon them) may provide a useful platform with which to increase one's vibrational frequencies.. Maybe one of his best ever. Over all a very good book. Read it just to learn about his experience with John of God. The book is filled with meat. Not bad but not totally believeable. I have bought this for myself and for others as a gift! After returning home. starting today. Because he quotes from Books that have had a profound affect on him you get the best parts without having to read the whole thing. I was able to gain a lot of new insight through this book. We miss and love you. Every time Wayne has a growth in consciousness he writes a new book! At odds with the scientific thinking of Richard Dawson and others who look at evolution and science based thinking as the real explanation of our existence. I love Dr Dyers' book. Since buying this CD set I have probably heard it about ten times because it is very good. I AM living an abundant life filled with love..., But I know it is never to late,start where you are and go from there, Dyer has covered this topic in some of his other works. Score for originality , Each new work is a great and generous gift to humanity, Wayne Dyer is one of my favorite spiritual authors, Book is fantastic . So. Very good so far Dyers work these are really eye opening and can change the way you think about things. Wayne Dyer inspires readers and me in this book to marvel at the mysteries of life and live our dreams. I very much liked it. buy the CD Great product. He is missed! Dr Wayne Dyer is an amazing author and has left a wonderful gift through his teachings to the world. He always has the best answers and guidelines. very inspiring yet easy to read at the same time. This wasn't the case for every chapter though! inspirational and life changing as I have. I listen to his audio books a lot while driving as he helps my mind calm down! Wayne Dyer is the man, Terrific read, They tend to go a little longer than they need to be but I still got some good ideas from this book, Dyer's desire to teach what works for him while dumbing down the words of the masters is all about love. This is my favorite Wayne Dyer book. Wayne Dyer is insightful and inspiring! You just can't go wrong. Awesome read highly recommend it. I decided to this order book after seeing a presentation on my local PBS station? Another great book that can change your life from. Once again Dr. It is a great recording and outstanding content. Wayne Dyer is a wonderful human being. Better than his earlier books. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a greater understanding of their own divinity a wounded warrior or just want to learn and see things from a new perspective. Wayne Dyer first irritated me with his hollyer than thou words each time I saw him speak soon on public television Searching for confirmation. a "new age" seeker, It is easy to read and helped me to create my own "Wishes Fulfilled"life., Easy to understand and follow the instructions on it Either he is losing it or his soul is a magnet for good experiences. He is helping me to understand just how we maninfest with our every word and thought. We listened it it on a road trip and enjoyed it, I saw this on PBS and knew it was a book that would be not only in my library but one that I will consult time and time again. What a wonderful way to keep his words in our hearts. A must read for everyone. This is not my first read by Dr Dyer , I commute 26 miles author of the Kindle and paperback book "Manifest Your Millions: A Lottery Winner Shares his Law of Attraction Secrets"I enjoyed reading this book very much. Loved it Seemed that he was under some pressure to finish another book! Written well Wishful thinking and mastering the art of nothingIt is a must for discovering your inner self. I`ve always been inspired & entertained at the same time . I bought this book after watching Wayne's DVD a few times and listening to the audiobook. The shipping was quick and the cd's were in perfect shape. I also bought the meditation cd which made me want the book :) CD is amazing I was hooked as soon as I heard it. I am motivated to continue to choose my thoughts carefully and create my world.. Learned some valuable lessons that I had forgotten. I read this book in just a few days. I will refer to it again and again to remind myself that I am all that I need to be. In WISHES FULFILLED Wayne Dyer presents very clear & precise practices that anyone can follow to acquire all of their wishes & desires. an thought provoking,it seems to really be workingThis is the first full book that I have read of Dr. My husband absolutely love this book. It so inspiring There is a reason why you are reading this book, Wayne Dyer has been a favorite since the Erroneous Zone days! My dream is to

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