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mindset will shift and you will be open to receiving abundance!! Although we have never met! straightforward. but the online community is one of the most positive and uplifting groups I have ever had the honor to be a part of, your vibe is raised so high and the way you look at the world is just different and so much better! There were a lot of practices I was already following!!And then released it to God and the Universe!! The Money Babe Action section in each chapter is just what I needed to get off my you know what! There are a lot of books about manifesting money and explaining the Law of Attraction. Thank you Kathrin!! loving money. and Kathrin has a really great system down. I'm so excited to see what more keeps coming my way. easy. Plus. Almost done with my 21 days!!!! I also record how much money I manifested in that day if any to keep track on my way to $1000. Thanks to Kathrin Zenkina and this 21 day Manifestation Journey. ) and I'm not through with the book/21 days... Unleash Your Inner Money Babe is a really useful and effective guide to help you understand on a deeper level what's been holding you back in terms of money, I've been working on my mindset through her manifestation babes Facebook group and I can't wait to see what else happens. I feel so much different about money and myself!!!! Kathrin gives you Simple actions to take daily that compound over time and help with reframing your money mentality. have fun and if you do the group challenge in Manifestation Babes you might make some new like minded friends too. It kept me up at night. We are only a few days in and I already feel a difference in my mood and energy. I suggest getting the book & the ebook. This more is about more than money! You'll change your thought process on how your life should be! Thank you! I can't wait to read more from this author! and planning to go thrive it again every few months, I've really loved it! Not in the way I had planned! I am "one of those" that always wants to do something and really means to do it BUT NEVER DOES IT, I can't wait to get it. Even the WHO isn't my business! She loves us until we love ourselves, have already manifested 200 of my 1000, and showed me huge areas of improvement to work on henceforth! I just love the clarity here and the aha moments that creep in! Such an inspiring and motivating readThis book is absolutely fantastic, Kathrin, I managed to Manifest my $1000 as on the day after I finished the book one of my family members told me they are going to pay me back $1000 I lent them about 3 years ago ! but also relationships! We need more people like you! yet packed with her incredible wealth of knowledge, This book is fun! I love how easy it is to follow! I highly recommended this book for anyone wanting to manifest anything, My money mindset has been UPLEVELED big time! and not what I expected to start with! I can't recommend this book enough to any spiritual boss babes or even skeptic newcomers! The quicker you receive the book the faster you can start working on manifesting money! The price you pay is insane low for the success you can achieve with this workbook! and the space to practice the skill! Take the plunge and buy the book! The book is written clearly! Your life will start to look like what you've been dreaming of and wanting for yourself! So many pieces of wisdom and I love this girl's energyI am only on day 1 but already even before ordering the book and just watching one of Kathrins you tube videos I knew I was in the right place! I can't say enough about this incredible book. easy-to-implement and magical. I'm still working on my manifesting and working on adjusting my goals to raise them even higher. DO IT. Great book filled with incredible exercises to do! I have been following Kathrin since the birth of Manifestation Babe. It's CRAZY. Well sadly it did not. simple! Yes - a few hundred so far! but you know I just skimmed thru. she is a beautiful soul inside and out. It requires that you do some soul-searching and complete the exercises at the end of each chapter. I would highly recommend this book! I also like how she is very easy to relate to and accessible... I find joy in doing each excercise day by day - something to look forward to, All my life i had been a victim of money - but not any more!) this book is a must read, If your sitting on the fence about this book: GET OFF THE FENCE Jump In and GET THIS BOOK! Normally I wouldn't buy any books specifically about "money" or involving the word "babe" and yet here I am. Whether you're new to the Law of Attraction or are besties with it. which so many people struggle with on a daily basis, and most importantly get the extra money. Unleash Your Inner Money Babe is a phenomenal book that helps you allow abundance to flow with ease, I jumped on the chance to buy it. join Kathrin's FB group and feel that major shift, Don't waste your time, Great book. It's not that I sold it that was cool, Lots of great inspiring challenges. So far. make sure to join the Facebook group of the most high vibe women on the planet, I follow her on FB so if you purchase this book join the group and you'll see all the positive energy she has created, and it is quickly becoming an amazing journal of this transformation, And I love how she doesn't spend time explaining stuff that most likely you already know, you have to dig deeper and be honest with yourself in ways you really wouldn't want to but the personal growth is well worth it. I got an offer! Just getting started but love it already. I was still able to learn so much, I read a sample on the Kindle but it wasn't good enough for me. Sound lame! how to get started and how to bring all your dreams into reality THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU, videos, I signed up for Kathrin's free challenge that went along so I decided to go for it. Seriously. just try. You have to believe in yourself. to manifesting courses worth over $1000 for only $9

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