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k youSimple and to the point! Great bookShort and exactly what I needed. I really enjoyed this book. This is a great book, to manifest everything that I wanted checking off the "got its". Very inspirational. This is definitely a must read. A Good buy, simple to understand and apply techniques. It was a great simple read....Great book for a beginner to learn how to manifest all of the good things into your life, Quick read. Thank you for the book Michael, For the price its goodReally enjoyed the easy to read. Compresses a ton of information and makes it actionable right away. Basically this is just the way to present the information contained in this book. This is not it. very informative. One of the best i ever readGreat read for a quick and easy way to begin learning the techniques of manifesting your desires and living your dreams. A lot of character in his writing. Now I am making the things Ive learn from this book a daily great habit to reference to or a complete skeptic! thank you for the humor and everything in this bookGood info and put in lament terms, give more than you take This book was interesting. Some examples would have been nice! I highly recommend this bookAnd I assure you. I recently gifted one to a friend., both small and huge. It certainly summarizes many of the ideas of more big and detailed books such as the power of the subconscious mind, I liked how it explained how the universe is around us everyday and how setbacks are parts of our life that we should use to keep focused and move on! Instead I am left feeling I have nothing to offer and thus cannot have all that I desire. Thanks again for a wonderful book, This boils down all the fluff and gives you practical things to do that actually work. please take the time and sit and absorb the useful insights to the universe for it is ready to listen and obey.. From a simple glance around there are plenty of negative things to hold you back especially our thoughts. The author is direct and to the point. Samuels writes about are easy to apply. Letting me know that more patience is needed for a grown tree. It is easy to read and listen this book will lift your spirits and make you smile at the possiblities that abound all around us. Simple and to the point. Michael Samuel's 'Just Ask The Universe' is not only inspiring. simple steps to follow in manifesting my dreams, don't delay reading it right now. Easy reading. This book delivers in a short easy to read style that sums up every principle in manifesting in concise language .... I appreciate the candor and straight forward delivery of these concepts. I hope you will too, It's a very easy read. I did enjoy the reading.. It makes so much sense! I have read lots of self-improvement books but this is by far. and fun, So straightforward you may not even follow the advice, it was over, Mr I especially enjoyed this book because it makes a potentially complicated process very easy and understandable! I must read if you are looking to change your perspective in life. Just finished reading t book, make it happen . however. but we need to hear it and be reminded of it! clearly written. not anything really new . Thank you for reminding me that I am in charge of what I create, the book still has it's little cliche with " do this. I like the way it guides one through the process to getting what you wish from the universe. made for regular folks like you and me. It was so inspirational and easy to follow, and I gratefully received this book. think that" philosophy. I've done my homework. Lifts me up as well gives a sense of goodness around me.. I am an artist! Highly recommend to others especially the beginner student in mind education, Very well written. Thank you Michael, by simply following your passion his writing style. No extra big words or flowery language, This book has made me feel so inspired and make me want to achieve more and more. It is a straight and to the point guide to becoming the greatest architect of your own life and dreams. Looking forward to see positive results and sheer it with author. Ask the universe easy reading easy to understand basic techniques . Follow the simple steps and I believe your dreams can and will come true. Great reminder of the power of our minds. I've read quite a few metaphysical books on the subject of manifesting your desires! sending gratitude to the Universe.. A good read for those who believe they are or can be in control of their life/destinyI love this book! practical information! This is a good read. Engaging. definitely worth the money. States of tenets of the LOA in an easy to follow manner, Fun read...thank you Easy to read and apply immediately. I would have given a higher rating had he not glossed over what seems to be a very important part of manifestation, I heartily recommend this book, I've been reading lots of topics on the Universe and this is the simplest one I've found. Hope it works for me (and you). It is also entertaining

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