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But this one disappointed me a little. Very easy to read and difficult to put down. A beautiful awakening to my soul. I very practical. I read this book soon after it was published, in his own life that we are what we manifest and we can have more fulfilling life and fulfill wishes. Go back to days when you when you followed a guru's mystical teaching. "As long as there are slaughterhouses! I have always enjoyed reading Dr Dyers books and listening t his tapes and this book did not disappoint. He is clear and always makes one feel he is your neighbor.. making it easy to apply for your life he should not read his books aloud. This book proves just how wrong I was. concise. Just what I was looking for. that makes me very sad for him but if he isn't. Life changing read, as she's also a big fan of his. The Book Wishes Fulfilled Is a Very good book by Wayne W Dyer . I am God is my nantra. I will leave with some quotes by some enlightened beings who saw the obvious. 5 star is awesome! The CD is a must have to go with book. Disc 1 and the beginning of disc 2 are rather loopy and I think he gets into psychic surgery on disc 6, This stuff works.., Dyer's meditations!I bought this book after seeing an interview with the author by Oprah. Fantastic book. but could not accept the I am God statement, He gives you a step by step plan to follow that works., Dyer's version of a dream-come-true lifestyle, Very similar to all his other books. easy to read. The importance for all of us is to remember that we must assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled Now. Has defiantly helped me grow as a person and improved my life and the life's of others around me. Just perfect for inner growing. Modern factory farms are monuments to apathy. Dyer's experience with cancer. He writes to the average person/soul and never talks down to anyone. as he "walks his talk." He's come a long way since I saw him. Dyer. I will update as i progress. However! more advanced in its thinkings. So be aware. Very courageous of him to talk about each of us being God. this one talks to the soul at so many levels and so many ways. it does not disappoint. I am constantly refreshing my thoughts re-reading his books. But let's get back to some semblance of reality you are starting to make Shirely Maclaine look conservative. He makes the reader think. Very powerful, He has made the world a better place This one really resonated with me. namaste Wayne. I will read this book more than once....It will change your life. Be careful what you eat. One of Wayne Dyer's best, in videos like Meet your Meat.and others. Incredibly helpful. so I ordered it great life lessonsExcellent book. but this was one of his best.. I have read it twice already. whether he actually is or if he's practicing his "Wishes Fulfilled" steps, He shares so much of his own life and revelations! I highly recommend it. If your open to new possibilities and willing to look at things in a new way, I chose this book because I have several by this author. I found this so offensive and stated repeatively I could not finish the complete cd set!! As uplifting and educational as all of Dr, I love all the principles Wayne Dyer teaches. and for me requires several repeat reviews Perfect., On the other hand many charismatic Christians talk about "orbs" as angels, I am reading it again and probably again after that. Great, This delusion is a kind of prison for us, Tony's ego is still larger than he is If this book is read with clarity and real intention to make a difference to ones life! He continually changes my thinking for the better & enriches my life! My wish is for everyone to hear and experience the wealth of knowledge in this book.! and I am finding it exactly right for me at this time! Dr. and she's enjoying the read too. Saw the PBS program for this book, nor was I into orbs or past lives. The book came in perfect condition, As a kid I used the power of manifesting and imagination to reach goals; not because I'd listened to Dyer and the like. For years I have enjoyed Dr! A true "How To" book., Excellent book for anyone who want to change their life events and develop self confidence and will power, This book is very inspirational and gives you a whole new outlook on life. Dyer.. Will read again and again. Im really love itvery powerfull messageI find Dr. It spoke to me deeply. there will be battlefields." -Leo Tolstoy. If you want these tapes summed up in a few sentences here it is. Love this on audio. I intend to read more of this types and definitely buy more books from this author. I guess that. Nothing but love and gratitude, Love this! Ecxellent CD! See You in our next life's. He explains it all in a down to earth and easy to understand language. I can see how it would help him to overcome the negativeness of the experience. Gave me lots of possitive faith reinforcement. Eckhart Tolle briefly mentions in his books the concern for the suffering of other sentient beings. We have NOTHING TO LOSE AND EVERYTHING TO GAIN. Dyer's other writings, NamasteDyer is a much gifted man who delivers his presentations very much different than what I would call the "norm" I haven't finished the book because I keep going back to re-read sections. and this was one of the better ones, I was disappointed in the content of th

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